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The Ottawa Charter For Health Promotion Social Work Essay

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Health, Wellbeing and Quality of Life is defined in different ways due to circumstances of the person it represents comparing age and gender brings different results as so does the economic status of the person and what social class they belong Blaxter (1990) study of health and lifestyle of 9000 people in the UK showed that a percentage of people could not tell when they were healthy only that they knew when they are unwell people’s perceptions of health show in studies that the elderly define health and quality of life as being able to move around where as a younger person might think running a marathon or going to a gym make you healthy. Disease can have a major negative impact on health and wellbeing feeling that a label has been placed on someone makes them feel that they are now classed as defective and this knocks confidence to improve their situation and they fail to regain a better quality of life Exploring different sectors of society we see a bigger picture that health, wellbeing and quality of life means different things to everyone

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Elderly people have experienced many changes over the years physically and mentally their bodies no longer agile as when they were young making simple tasks around the home a challenge mobility has one of the biggest impacts stair climbing and general moving around safely in the home impact on how the older person feels their quality of life is now compared to how they were younger physical impairments sight and hearing loss weakening of limbs and arthritic conditions makes the person feel they can no longer lead a fulfilling life and fear losing their independence

With health promotion to improve the quality of life of elderly people service improvements can be put into place including community care and day centres (Hubley and Copeman 2010 p104) provisions to make the home safer and providing equipment such as walking aids and stairlifts which the local authority may help to fund also the local council can supply nutritious meals through its meals on wheels service ensuring the elderly person gets hot food.

Another major factor in the United Kingdom that affects quality of life and health is housing according to the World Health Organization the conditions of living in insufficient housing has contributing factors to numerous avertable maladies amongst these include respirational problems, nervous system, diseases of the heart and cancer So for the lower class people those who fall into the scale of poverty, homeless including those living in temporary accommodation and the unemployed their quality of life will be impaired as there are very little options in where they reside with council and housing waiting lists at an all-time high over 1.7 million households are currently waiting for social housing (Shelter 2012) private rented accommodation is another option but with unscrupulous landlords looking to make easy money and not maintaining their properties people are living in dangerous and unhealthy conditions properties may have damp issues which affect the respiratory system causing such ailments as asthma and bronchitis as well as suffering more colds and flu although these are treatable with medication or by moving home then a person can regain a better quality of life another problem facing the lower class is stress living in unsuitable accommodation or in a poor run-down neighbourhoods with anti-social problems such as drug abuse and noise the stress can put a strain on family relationships causing arguments and unhappiness the area may not be safe for children to play out and this affects the quality of life not only of adults but children suffer too and this may affect their schooling by ill health causing time off

on the other scale of the ladder we see people who are in steady employment and have the finances to purchase their own property in areas of their own choosing these people have a better quality of life and health as they have the finances for improved medical and health treatment and with the satisfaction of achievement of having better things owning a home, career, financial security, car and holidays

Most have found they are in the sector who are enjoying health, wellbeing and quality of life

A decent home is fundamental to people’s well-being (Shelter 2007)

One of the most traumatic and stressful things a person can go through in life is finding themselves homeless there are many reasons why this may happen a private landlord may decide to sell the house they have been leasing out or it could be a breakdown of a relationship or having to flee domestic violence there have been a significant amount of homes being repossessed as people can’t keep up the mortgage payments due to job loss, ill health or financial problems

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There are also other reasons why a person might find themselves homeless such as a person from another country seeking asylum in the UK everyone’s experience of homelessness is different for some people they will find themselves staying with family or friends others especially families who cannot be found a home immediately will be placed in temporary accommodation where they may have to share facilities such as bathroom and kitchen this can make a person feel degraded accommodation may not be found in the local vicinity meaning people may be far away from family and friends and they can feel isolated For those not so fortunate to have temporary accommodation because of issues such as mental health, drug and alcohol abuse these people may find themselves sleeping rough on the streets or squatting in unsafe and unsanitary conditions the charity St Mungo’s based in London hold a survey of the homeless people who attend their centre each year and the findings show that there is very poor health amongst the homeless people as shown in their 2012 survey 64% had a physical health condition and 70% were suffering mental health problems (see Appendix A,B and C) the survey clearly shows that most of the homeless people suffered a poor quality of health for some a change is possible with medication to improve mental health or people addressing their addictions and seeking help from medical or self-help group taking responsibility will empower the person to lead a better life with the possibility of getting a home and job a person can then gain back a good quality of life

Everyone has a responsibility for their own health and well-being for others higher up the social ladder this is easier as they have safer cleaner living conditions and access to private medical care and facilities where this may be impossible for others such as the homeless and gypsys who are constantly moving around and may not have access to facilities education can play a good part in giving advice to these sectors especially on the importance of childhood vaccinations to prevent the spread of diseases and infections such as chicken pox, Measles and whooping cough and provide advice to the elderly who may need care for arthritis and other ageing conditions with health promotion members of the community who are trusted can relay the information and help improve the communities health. the Government and National Health Service have set up many schemes to help people with addictions, healthy eating, exercise and unemployment initiatives Charity’s such as Shelter provide help on housing crisis and homelessness and Age UK help promote advice and services to help the elderly community It is possible with knowledge to make changes and to some degree people can experience health, wellbeing and quality of life.

Appendix A,

Appendix B,

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