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Impacts of Technology on Relationships

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In recent decades we have seen a drastic increase in the type of technology readily available to the average person. With these changes, companies in industries such as retail, groceries, and fast food have adopted new ways to make their services more efficient, faster, and Convenient to society. Individuals from older generations have been forced to adapt to the quickly changing lifestyle around them. On the contrary, younger generations, more specifically, millennials and Generation Z, have been the primary consumers in the technological market. With this has come significant social changes, both positive and negative. There is a clear difference between previous generations in terms of social skills, social relationships, and mental health. However, there is also the convenience of getting groceries, rides, and even medicine at the click of a button for many. All this has lead many to questions whether the convenience of technology is worth the price of human social effort. Overall, the technological advancements in modern society have impeded the adequate development of necessary social skills and relationships as well as increasing the presence of mental diseases throughout younger generations.

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Growing up, we have been taught how to build healthy professional and personal life relationships, but alongside advancing technologies, relationships have been significantly impacted. When making links, whether it is a friendship or a romantic one, there has to be a social connection of some sort. This may seem simple, but many people have developed problematic and maybe even an addiction to devices. People cannot seem to put down their phone to express what they need and pay attention. According to Psychology Today, , “Restaurants are answering the demand and enforcing a "no cell policy", aka "Quiet Zones", even offering discounts for patrons who leave their cellphone” ( Archer 2013 ). Modern technology such as smartphones and tablets has made it easier for people to communicate with others, but ironically has also allowed people to ignore those closest. A significant example many can relate to is when they are in the middle of a conversation, and the other individual pauses the conversation to respond to beep or ringtone. To individuals of the younger generation, especially, this repetitive behavior will eventually cause a strain on their current relationships. This is a result of the lack of balance; the society they grew up in allowed such behavior with no consequences. Being absorbed into a screen has its consequences, one of them being the lack of many necessary cognitive, social skills resulting in reduced life relationships.

The primary cognitive, social skills that have been lacking throughout society are becoming more evident with time. The social and familial relationships they have are suffering because of it. The solution is being able to educate all generations on having a healthy connection with the increasing amount of smart tech. As discussed by Hynes in ‘The Practices of Technology: Putting Society and Technology in their Rightful Place, “Technology and people should be considered as interrelated nodes in constantly changing socio-technical networks which constitute the forms and uses of technology differently in unrelated times and places for different groups” ( Hynes 33 ). The way new tech is set up allows for less engagement in the real world and more in a deceiving cyber network.

Certain situations require specific social skills depending on the setting. They are crucial to make connections in all areas of life. In the social setting friendships are the ones who help people stay motivated and mentally in check. In the educational setting having strong relationships with peer and professors can help when jumping into the real world. In the career and professional setting creating relationships can open doors of economical and merit opportunities.

In these days of technology, everyday actions and cultural interactions are growing into contingent on social media. Social media for example has been a huge contributing factor. This however is not restricted to people who are living in most innovative nations but in less technologically advanced nations. Basically social media has turned into a cultural worldwide phenomenon.

The negative technological impacts on everyday relationships are becoming more visible with every day that passes. It has come down to the point where smartphones, tablets and computers are now defining various cultural aspects and even the culture as a whole for many. The change that the world is seeing is how individuals are becoming more and more isolated in a mental state. This can be supported by the fact individuals are “addicted” to their devices. In a research study conducted in 2014 it was shown users indicated having higher anxiety levels after just 10 minutes without their devices ( Dellner 2011 ). People need to start realizing what is slowly happening around them. Devices are slowly becoming more an issue than helpful tools thanks to the addictive behaviors they are producing. The addictive behaviors are bringing possible professional and social opportunities to an end.

Many individuals can have an abundant amount of online relationships but often fail to see who are a part of their day to day life. A great example would be romantic relationship. All generations can agree on the fact that dating has changed in these past decades. One of the main players of the modern dating field are online dating apps and websites.

Tinder more specifically is a dating tool which can show the user the people in their area who share similar interests. The catch to it is how its seen as more of a joke with every internet craze. People are expected to look a certain way and therefore lie about the little things. The total of 53 percent of America participants admitted to getting lied at their online dating profile. Females lied more than men, with the most general dishonesties being about faces. Around 20 percent of women posted pictures of their younger selves. But forces were just a bit better. The most common lies revolved in their business position, specifically, about getting a better business than they really do ( Anderson 2016 ). In this years of social networking, the quantity of friends and relationships is intense. This may bring some to wonder if it is a lot for the human mind. Not that it's rare today to meet like 12 people online daily in Tinder or other sites similar. Some people argue that it is a positive aspect in life to be able to connect with bigger numbers everyday. The saying “quality over quantity” definitely applies here. The amount of friendships or connections does not matter at the end of the day, however what is crucial is the quality of each and every one of them.

Given the all-presence. of application in everyday living,  especially those internet and internet-based platforms such as social media websites and smartphone apps, mental state advocates and professionals would probably find those who are experiencing mental issues  may be directly or indirectly linked to the use of modern media and technology. According to doctor Igor Pantic, publishing at this literature review “ Online Social Networking and mental state, ” issued by the USA National Library of Medicine, There is little doubt that the internet and social media structures, Facebook for instance have had a significant effect on the way that people interact within their bubbles.

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At the start, the time of mental state may be hard to hear. Sadness is currently the most common psychological problem, with 300 million people involved globally. This World Health organization anticipates that by 2030 depression would have turn into the largest single healthcare concern, costing $ 6 trillion worldwide. While most on-line instruments are meant for people with mild to mild anxiety or sadness. Nowadays, somebody who finds themselves nervous, possibly because of stressful life events. Now many cannot help but look at the soaring numbers of mental issues and the rise of the internet. While the real causes of mental disease are probably much more difficult, some have advocated for speaking about mental disease that way to reduce stigma and the various stereotypes circulating the internet.

People today are more concerned about the numbers on their phone. This alongside  everyday life will most definitely produce stress for any individual. Social media alongside the beast that is the internet, have brought forth a confusing argument to have.

 The increase in depressive symptoms correlates with smartphone acceptance during this point, yet when matched year by year, observes this report’s leading writer, San Diego State University psychologist Jean Twenge. If mental illness is discussed as if it were the “ brain illness ” and relate mainly to its natural reasons, so people would be less likely to think that mental illness is caused by a weakness of character. These types of stereotypes is what prevents the awareness of how much damage is being done by the never-ending availability in smart technology.

Turning back to the internet and social media topic,  those in favor of the smart technologies have a different perspective on technology works with modern society. The arguments made are how individuals may find more comfort online in terms of mental help. Other arguments posed are the vast numbers of people who have found jobs online and have made lasting  impacts. While all this is true, people In the past have been able to thrive on much less. Sometimes the negativity outweighs the positive (Chan 1026-28 ).

 Being able to have adequate body language for any social situation is crucial to relationship  Due to the fact that they will always that distraction and little interruptions in the form of beeps and ringtones. Having basic social skills and being able to interact with others is crucial in any type of lifestyle. To emphasize that there has visibly been negative impacts on social relationships since the continuous introduction of modern technology the internet is used by a substantial subset of the population where younger adults alone spend on average 164 min a day online (Li & Chung, 2006). Overall technology will never cease to exist which is why a balance must be met in order to maintain healthy relationships and lifestyles.

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