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Why Beach Vacations Are Better Than Mountain Vacations

Many people are always mesmerized by any upcoming vacations. Due to this, they make early plans on how to use their vacation time by choosing some of the areas where they can visit. There are always many places where many people can choose for their vacation period but most of them end up choosing the two most common places namely; the mountain and the beaches. Many people assert there is more fun in the beaches and mountains than when they visit other areas such as game parks, reserves and circuses. The two places are however very much different because they offer a variety of fun activities which are totally diverse .This essay is going to focus on the various factors which make people prefer to spend their vacations in the beaches rather than on the mountains and vice versa. Some of the factors to be considered will include the geographical location, climatic conditions and the fun activities of both the beach and the mountains.

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Based on climatic conditions, we are all aware that mountains are colder because of the higher altitude just as the adage “goes that the higher you go the cooler it becomes”. On the mountains you will find that the weather conditions change dramatically time after time (hourly). For example there can be a perfect clear sky at 12pm but after a few minutes a huge thunderstorm can come rolling. A few hours later may be at 3pm the temperatures can rise to extremely hot temperatures and then just after a few hours the temperature can drop to below the freezing point. Due to this sudden temperature changes, one has to have some layers of cover over the body so that they may not fall sick after the vacation.

I think the changes in temperatures plays a very significant role in making people prefer their vacation in beaches than on the mountains. For example you will find that beaches are warm because the temperature are high or at the sea level compared to the low temperatures experienced on the mountains. Many beaches experience warm breezes from the sea compared to when in the mountains. Majority will choose beaches for their vacations because they only carry swimming costumes, a few clothes  and eatables but while going to the mountains one has to be well prepared (a packed lunch,   tinned water, heavy jackets because as the temperature changes one will require either the warm clothes or the temperature might rise thus make one very thirsty.

Another factor is the geographical location of the beaches or mountains. Naturally, most of the mountains are found in the hilly or high altitude areas. As a result, it becomes difficult for many people to access them especially at the top because it requires a lot of courage, energy, food, and water areas for one to get at the mountain peak. This limits the number of tourists visiting these areas compared to the number of visitors in other places such as national parks, game reserves and beaches. Most of the mountains are also found in the forests or they can even be covered by a thick forest. It is natural for the wild animals to encroach areas which are covered by huge forest cover. This means that there might be conflict between people and the wild animals when people decide to have their vacation on the mountains. Again, some countries have very thick forest cover which sometimes catch fire on its own (forest fires). These fires also stretch to the mountains where these vacations take place. We are all aware of the fact that many of the evil doers in the society especially armed gangs stay in the forest and even in the mountains. This means that it is risky for people to go to the mountains without the backing of the security.

On the other hand many beaches are located at the lower altitudes or in almost flat grounds. This happens to be one of the reasons as to why many people will prefer to spend their vacations in the beaches rather than on the mountains. This is propelled by the fact that to access the mountain tops one will require a lot of energy due to the upward mobility but to access the beaches its easy and less energy will be used. Most of the beaches are not covered by forests and they are also located in very open places. This means that there is no habitation of the wild animals such as guerillas which are a threat to the security of the humans. This prompts many people to prefer beaches for the vacation to the mountains. Beaches are also very secure than forest because there is the beach patrol police to maintain security therefore making it difficult for the armed gangs to hide there unlike in the mountains where the security of the humans is threatened by the armed gangs. The beaches are also secure because they are located in far from forest and therefore they cannot be affected by the forest fire which always threatens the lives of the visitors who go to have fun on the mountains.

The other factor which is to be considered is the types of activities which take place both on the mountain and the beaches. It is very clear that these two places offer different kinds of fun activities due to the different climatic changes which are experienced. For example you will find that in the mountain the climatic conditions are characterized by changes in either cool or hot temperature which are either accompanied by snow or rains respectively. Some of the vacation activities which take place in the mountains include snowboarding, mountain biking, mountain climbing, hiking, and skiing. More often you will find that children cannot engage in some of these mountain activities simply because of the heights of the mountains or because of the lack of experience and also due to fear of wild animals such as bears. Statistics have shown that these mountain activities mainly involve people who are aged between 15-45 years thus eliminating many older and young people.

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On the other hand, the sea and the warm climates determine the activities which take place in the beach. Many activities that take place in the sea tend to favor all people young and old inclusive because they are simple. Again, it entails what people do at home. This is unlike the mountain activities where one has to go to the mountains in order to practice and even learn them. Some of the activities in the beaches include swimming, volley ball games, soccer games and even the riding of the water bikes. Many people will prefer to have a vacation on the beaches because they will (young and the adults) have some enjoyable activities which they are familiar with unlike on the mountains were activities are technical and require a lot of experience. Again beaches have discos and restaurants were people can enjoy their fun until morning without worrying about the colds and insecurities either from wild animals or intruders. This is unlike the mountain activities where by there are no entertainment areas and if they exists they located a bit far from the mountains. Again many beaches tend have many visitors all the time but the number of visitors is not as high on the mountains thus making everything very boring and dull.

Beach vacations are always better that the mountain vacations because many people hate cold areas and the beaches are always warm. Beaches are also easily accessible compared to the mountains thus making them more marketable. Beaches also tend to have a wide variety of activities for both the young and the old thus making it easy for families to come in their wholes. Beaches are also very secure due to the presence of the beach patrol police thus making it easier for many people to choose the beaches because they are not afraid of any insecurity issues.


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