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Causes effects and solutions to sexual abuse

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Sexual violence manifests sexually aggressive acts by the use of Physical, or mental force which reduces a person to an inferior position to impose sexual conduct against their will. This is an act that fundamentally seeks to bring the body to a weak point and go against the will of the person.

Sexual violence has many forms:

Access or harassment on the street, at work, at home, at school, in school, at college, etc.


Sexual exploitation

Sexual abuse of boys and girls



Sexual violence is a clear stigma of degradation of the spirit of a society completely ignorant. The degree of aggression that coexists in every case of sexual violence is incredibly frustrating. Nowadays there are so many acts of vandalism that exist that it s impossible to control.

Acts that can only be described as “authentic aberrations are now growing even dizzying pace (at the expense of the security issues) and they are getting worse, these acts are undoubtedly sexual assaults.

Both women and men are victims of sexual abuse. In Australia, conservative estimates indicate that one in every 11 children and one in four girls have undergone some form of sexual abuse before age 18. Men are the perpetrators of most cases of sexual violence (97 percent), but men are a significant proportion of all victims: 26 percent of children under 18 years.

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Research recently conducted in the United States suggest that up to 20 percent of men suffered sexual abuse in childhood. Additionally, we recognize the incidence of sexual assault against adult men. Sexual assault takes many forms, including child sexual abuse, rape, sexual harassment, incest and other forms of rape in which the victim is never at fault. The responsibility lies with the offender and in our society, a society that allows and promotes sexual violence.

There are numerous acts of aggression towards children that have emerged in recent years a favorite of these criminals, twisted minds and lacking in common sense.

Such situations cause to the victim, in most cases, psychological disturbances that are often irreparable. Physically and also affected the worst, brutally murdered, which is becoming more common today.

Generally, those who commit such acts are affected mentally, and if I say generally because in many cases these crimes are committed in full knowledge of the damage, and have no qualms about the damage hauled to the victim.

As already indicated sexual assault are mainly oriented towards women, which are clearly the object of desire of the obsessive mind of these criminals do not care who commit such acts of violence, in order to satisfy their instinctive desires in a way appalling and without any scruples. The worst thing is that these people, if not arrested the first time, will re-offending again. Sexual abuse includes both touching offenses (fondling or sexual intercourse) and nontouching offenses (exposing a child to pornographic materials) and can involve varying degrees of violence and emotional trauma. (“Sexual abuse, )

In fact our safety is compromised by such actions, which are clearly of concern to everyone. Resort to murder after a violation for the sole reason to hide evidence, when in fact what they try to hide is the ugliness of their own acts, which are conscious and torment them.

In an extremely liberal society, they have been the consequences that after all prevent us from having that true freedom that we boast, and that robs us of every hack of sexual violence.

This type of violence, which only serves to create panic in society and rob security standard that we should belong. Our society, outraged, accusing various elements of what is happening, though science is not certain there are some factors that cause these acts, because to do so or not in the ideals of each person.

However, attempts to show that there are a number of things that malformation the minds of people, especially children and adolescents, and possibly be true, because what is done and you learn ends up being what we do. Sexual violence is the product of the high life of man, which led him to desire to enjoy life totally wrong

2. Sexual Abuse in Children

When a child tells an adult who has been sexually abused, the adult may be very uncomfortable and may not know what to say or do. You should follow the following suggestions to respond to children who say they were sexually abused:

What to Say

If the child in any way indicates that it has

suffered sexual abuse, encourage them to talk freely about what happened.

Do not make judgmental comments.

Show that you understand and take very seriously what he says. The child and adolescent psychiatrists have found that children who have nobody understand them much better than those who do not. The initial response to the revelation of sexual abuse is critical to the child’s ability to resolve and heal the trauma of sexual abuse.

Reassure your child that he was right to say it. If your child has a close relationship with the abuser, may feel frightened if he has threatened to harm him or his family as punishment for telling the secret.

Tell the child that he / she are not to blame for sexual abuse. Most children try to understand the abuse and think that they caused the abuse or imagine that is a punishment for bad things (real or imagined) they did.

Finally, offer the child protection, and promise that you will promptly ensure that the abuse stops.

Parents should consult with your pediatrician or family doctor, who may refer them to a doctor who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of sexual abuse. The doctor who examined the child can assess your condition and treat any physical problem related to the abuse, may also obtain evidence that will help protect the child and ensure that all is well.

Usually, the child must also have a psychiatric evaluation to determine how it has affected the sexual abuse and determine if you need professional help to overcome the trauma of abuse. The child and adolescent psychiatrist can also help other members of the family may be upset by the abuse.

Although most of the abuse allegations are true, there may be cases of false accusations in child custody disputes or other situations. Occasionally, the court may ask a child and adolescent psychiatrist to help you determine if the child is telling the truth.

When the child has to testify, special considerations to reduce your stress, such as the use of video to record the testimony, frequent breaks, exclusion of spectators or the option of not having to look at the accused.

Adults, because of their maturity and experience, are always the culprits in cases of abuse. You should never blame the child.

When the child makes assumption about sexual abuse, it is important to give support and love, this is the first step to help the child and reestablishing their trust in adults.

Pedophilia Child Pornography

The pornography child is playing sexually explicit image of a child. This is in itself a form of sexual exploitation of children. Encourage, deceive or force children to pose for photographs or participate in pornographic videos is outrageous and is a disregard for the dignity and self-esteem of children. This means that the body of a child has no value and demonstrates that your body is on sale.

Children are deprived of their childhood. Children lose trust in others, particularly in adults, and remain at the mercy of other types of exploitation and can develop a range of post-traumatic stress symptoms such as depression, aggression and violence, loss of self and inclination to self-mutilation. Often their lives end in suicide.

It’s really difficult to achieve effective implementation of the laws against covert activity. But laws must be applied. They are the final protection of children and so far have not done enough to enact laws or to implement truly effective when they are in force.

The sexual abuse and exploitation of children is one of the most vicious crimes conceivable, a violation of mankind’s most basic duty to protect the innocent.


3. Sexual Harassment

In any case, violence is a case which has several facets, the most worrying, is present in a face somewhat hidden, yet is the most frequent and discussed by all: the sexual harassment.

This kind of events occur due to wrong phenomenon that affects our society, the relentless machismo that prevails elsewhere, and that often leads to false ideals of the true conception of life. Sexual harassment includes a range of abuse (usually of men to women), by the wearing short clothes, for example, suggests that men in a consent by women who never actually said.

One of the most common is the secretary harassed by her boss often threatened with dismissal and therefore into the jungle of unemployment, if it accepts a set of rules ruthless regarding any type of inappropriate touching. Similarly the young people feel more and more angry, with good reason for the continued harassment they are subjected by the fact of being attractive to older men. Although it must be clear that not only these but also the young who seek to exploit much of its friendship with a girl.

We must also mention the existence of many cases of sexual harassment from parents to their minor children. These cases are usually not reported for fear of retaliation, although it should take courage and tell all. These reports are a step hard by the person harassed, but talk is more important than it seems at first glance.

4. Sexual abuse in the marriage or partner

Many times we have met with women and men after a time of psychotherapy, for various reasons, and having re-established problems of his personality, such as identity, discrimination, care of themselves, they realize that her husband sexually abused them . Other people know they are leaving abuse and can not react or talk about it. Can not put limits to what they know it is an affront to his person.


Reach a sexual relationship had never really wanted, it is clear that not having loved and not having entered later in a game of seduction and erotic of the two.

With the following characteristics in order of severity:

physically forced, this is a violation

explicit or implicit threats

explicitly denied having

implicitly denied having

do or be doing erotic practices dislikes, does not like or cause displeasure

repeatedly having sex without feeling like

Having sex or erotic practices or different techniques as an exchange or exchange of certain things is a kind of prostitution. Is knowingly do both or a single person. And in the case may be that both are the abused each

suffer attitudes violent

fake orgasm

Spousal Sexual Assault …

A penalty of imprisonment as hereinafter provided to any person who engages in nonconsensual sexual intercourse with your spouse or former spouse, or the person cohabiting or has cohabited, or takes or who has a consensual relationship or the person with whom he fathered child in any of the following circumstances

If it has been compelled to engage in sexual conduct through the use of force, violence, intimidation or threat of immediate serious bodily harm, or

If you have canceled or substantially reduced, without their consent their ability to resistance by means of hypnotics, narcotics, depressants or stimulant substances or similar means to you, or

If illness or mental disability, temporary or permanent person was the person unable to understand the nature of the act at the time of its completion, or

Whether or induces by forces that abuse and / or psychological violence to a spouse or cohabitant to participate or engage in unwanted sexual intercourse with a third party.

The penalty imposed for this crime, except the modality referred to in subsection (a) of this section, shall be imprisonment for a fixed term of fifteen years. Aggravating circumstances, the fixed penalty may be increased to a maximum of twenty years, there were extenuating circumstances, and may be reduced to a minimum of ten years.

The penalty imposed for the type of crime referred to in subsection (a) of this section, shall be imprisonment for a fixed term of thirty years. Aggravating circumstances, the fixed penalty may be increased to a maximum of fifty years, there were extenuating circumstances, and may be reduced to a minimum of twenty years.

When the mode of the offense described in subsection (a) of this Article is committed while the offender has entered the home of the victim without her consent or a house or residential building, Where the victim or to the patio, land or parking area of these, and when the spouses or cohabitants were broken or residing in different homes or who initiated an action legal divorce, the punishment of crime shall be imprisonment for a fixed term of sixty years. Aggravating circumstances, the fixed penalty may be increased to a maximum of ninety-nine years of extenuating circumstances, may be reduced to a minimum of forty years.

The court may impose a sentence of restitution in addition to the penalty of imprisonment provided for in any of the aforementioned modalities.

5. Female Domination

This erotic game is basically a change in traditional roles (or at least once traditional) “passivity” submission “by women and “dominance” aggression “initiative” by the man during the development of sexual activities and especially during games erotic and practice many couples enjoy a stimulating aperitif prior to consummation of sexual intercourse itself.

Female Dominance in the game is to implement a very common erotic fantasy for many men and many women: that women dominate, command, is the lady who loves her man ordered to do whatever she says, and man in turn assume the role of a servant, slave or prisoner giving his freedom and willingness to women, will strive to fulfill her orders for the duration of the game.

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In that game, which can last a few minutes before the sexual act or continue for hours or even days, she can take on roles such as those of love (the most common and comprehensive), goddess, mistress, employer-patron , boss, secretary or dominant schoolgirl, amazon, etc. and man as the complementary roles of a servant or slave, humble employee, prisoner, and even suffer a reification of what will be treated as an object (chair, polish, ashtray, seat, etc..) which provide pleasurable services his mistress or being “animalized” and become human or dog horse property of its owner, who knows how to train him to be satisfied in the best way possible. However, the crime is not punished for the sake of the victim who suffers directly, but for the sake of the family that feels that its capacity to utilise the resource (the female body) fully has been compromised.

(Os rio, 2005)

6. Sexual Abuse In Men

Sexual abuse is a reality in many countries, however, remains taboo. In the past two decades, the movement of women has greatly contributed to open discussion of sexual abuse. This work has enabled basic men who have suffered sexual abuse talk about their experiences and seek help to overcome the trauma of abuse.

The sexual abuse has devastating consequences for victims, including those that survive. The victims must fight to overcome the emotional and social effects of the trauma they have suffered.

A Culture of Silence

It is particularly difficult for children and men reveal that they were sexually assaulted. Our society conditions us to believe that men should always be “in control” of their emotions, other people and their environment. They are taught to define themselves as men by the degree to which they can meet with success this control. As a result, most men are not believed to be a “victim” and especially not in the sexual arena. When this happens often provokes a strong emotional shock, being something so far from the normal experience of men.

Not only is it difficult for men to accept being sexually assaulted, but likely to live in silence, since the reactions of others enhance the feeling of being victimized. As the survivor finds it hard to believe what has happened, but other people respond with disbelief. If a man reveals he was sexually abused, often punished further when his “manhood” and sexual orientation are questioned.

Sexual assault is a form of violence in which the “sex” is used as a weapon against the person who was abused. As a result, most male survivors are concerned to some extent their sexuality, whether in relation to our male identity, our position among men, the masculinity of our behavior, our sexual preferences, frequency and sexual satisfaction of our business or our capacity for sexual intimacy.

These problems affect our daily lives, often for years after the abuse ended.

Generally, people assume that when a man sexually attacked or violated another man, the offender and the victim is gay is too. These notions, popular but misguided, rooted in the myth that sexual assault primarily seeks sexual gratification, and people ignore the issues of power and control. Research has shown that most men who attack other men have a heterosexual orientation and that most survivors of sexual violence are also heterosexual.

Assume that the offenders are homosexuals protect and relieve the offender heterosexual and unfairly raise suspicion and blame to the community homosexual.

Assume that the victim is homosexual has negative consequences for the survivor, who, regardless of whether heterosexual or homosexual, will suffer the social stigma of being considered homosexual, as well as the feeling of guilt for the attack. This guilt is based on the inability to clearly distinguish between sex with consent or without consent.

Although sexual abuse creates confusion and concern about sexuality, sexual preference does not determine the survivor. It is only the survivor, not the offender, who determines their sexual preferences and who is willing to have sex.

“From Victim to Offender?

Men who were sexually abused as children respond to abuse in a variety of ways. Some would overwhelm both the devastating effects of abuse they suffered in their lives who have firmly decided to help the world more secure. So, ensure that, as parents, the relationship with your children and children to be responsible and free abuse, are dedicated to service of humanity, learning skills of assertiveness and communication or fighting social injustice through activism. Other survivors are still seeing themselves as helpless victims, and continually struggle to survive day after day. Lack the capacity and willingness to abuse others, and are often subject to further abuse.

Many of the offenders are male, but sexual assault against men or children can also be and is perpetrated by women. It is important to recognize that some men and children have been sexually abused by one or more women, and being well worthy of support.


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