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Dignity Of Women And Domestic Violence

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Wordcount: 1566 words Published: 4th May 2017

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A lady was crying in the arbitrator room because her husband severely beat him yesterday, the face of the lady was swollen and her hands were injured. It was the case of Domestic violence.

Dignity of women should be respected by every individual of the society, because the Women are the equal partner of the society. According to Beijing conference on women Dr Joaquin Navarro-Valls said (1995) “The dignity of women is prerequisite to any recognition on the part of the State. Without a clear understanding of the meaning of human dignity, discrimination will never be avoided.” But unfortunately such respect and honor could not be maintained and which resulted in an uncompromised issues such as domestic violence. It can be defined as:

“A continuum of behavior ranging from verbal abuse, physical and sexual assault to rape even homicide.” (Department of Health DOH 2000)

Domestic violence is the most serious problems that affect the health and wellbeing of the women. It ranges from single injury to life long disabilities. As Marjorie McAtee (2010) mentioned that: “Domestic violence can have a number of long-term effects on the women who are often its victims. These effects can extend far beyond immediate injury.”

It was shocked me when my friend told the story which said lady presented in front of him. The lady told that:

“I got married at the age of 21 and delivered the first baby girl within the periods of

12 months. On the completion of the second year of my marriage my husband showing irresponsible attitudes towards providing finance and participating in social activities. He starts to abuse language and threaten me; day by day his attitude become worse and he disallowed me to go out even to my parent house. I’m so sacred to him. One night he came very late and he was drunk, when I ask the reasons to late and drunk, he come to me and slaps me and start biting me with his belt, it’s now became his habit to beat , torture and abuse me, many time our neighbors came and intervene us. I’m so worried about my baby because I can not give her proper time. I also feel myself unhealthy as physically and mentally.”


Domestic violence is an extended phenomenon. One analysis on the basis of statistics can help us to understand the widespread of this issue. According to Aurat Founadtion press statement: (Feb. 2010).

“A total of 8548 incidents of violence against women were reported in the four

Provinces of Pakistan and in capital territory Islamabad during year 2009.”

It is not only the nationally spread phenomena but it cross the boundaries and now become the global issue As the Sushma Panday mentioned in her book of Psycho-social aspect of domestic violence:

“According to UNCIEF study report (2000) 20-50 percent of women population of world is victims of domestic violence.”

After going through the story, different question has been raised in my mind such as why domestic violence happens? What are the forms of such violence? How it effects on the health of deprived lady as well as other women? And how it can be prevented or avoided? These questions help me to analysis the said story through various literatures.

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There are different domains or kinds of domestic violence which the victim as well as the under discussion lady has been faced, the first kind of violence is physical abuse in which women are being physically abused by biting, hitting, pouncing, slapping or burning. Another one is emotional or psychological abuse in which women is being humiliated and threaded by spouse. Sexual abuse is a kind of violence in which women is being forced for unsafe or unwanted sex with the same spouse or with others. Femicide is form of violence in which women are killed due gender discrimination; honor killings are one of the examples of femicide. The role of health care provider to identify such form would be helpful to plan smooth treatment process to the women health. According to Wikipedia:

“All forms of domestic abuse have one purpose: to gain and maintain total control over the victim. Abusers use many tactics to exert power over their spouse or partner.”

Susan Scott Ricci and Terri Kyle (2008) citied in the book Maternity and Pediatric Nursing that:

“Nurses play a major role in assessing women who has suffered from some types of violence…a visit to a health care agency is an ideal time for women to be assessed for violence.”

Besides the forms of such violence there are several causes responsible for domestic violence and these causes answered that why domestic violence happened to the said lady as well as the entire victimized women. The individual who grow in an environment where violence is practice or taught is an essential cause of violence, because such individuals develops and grow his perception or thoughts accordingly. Poverty or low socio-economic status is a prominent cause of violence because when the wants and needs not fulfilled, that resulted in domestic violence. That similarly happens in the mentioned story. Addiction is equally responsible for the said violence, As the Bethany Winkel (2009) citied: “Almost 80% of domestic violence crimes have a connection to drugs. Therefore, a big part of the solution to domestic abuse is to address the underlying substance abuse.” Mental illness is also responsible for the domestic violence. The mentally unhealthy person unable to cope with situations and domestic violence resulted. Poor self esteem and power relation or male domination is also the cause of said violence, because in our society men treated as head or dominated part of family as compare to women. The role of health care provider to identify specific causes help to guide the victim to resolve the underlying factor of violence. As the Holly McDowall cited:

“While nurses can help to prevent further abuse by placing barriers between victims and the abuse, this is more complex than referrals to shelters.”

After being analysis of causes and forms of domestic violence its essay to understand the affects of such violence to health of the deprived lady as well as other victimized women. As Kristen Fraser citied in article of Domestic Violence and Women’s Physical Health:

“Campbell et al. (2002) argue, based on their findings that abused women have increased risk of gynecological, central nervous system and stress-related health problems.”

Primarily physical health of the women is severely affected from such violence. Bruises, cuts, burns, scars and fractures are some of the sign of the physical violence. Psychological and mental health is also being affected by such violence, depression; stress, anxiety; suicidal ideations and post traumatic syndrome are some of the unhealthy signs which victim as well as deprived lady has been experienced. When the violence is practiced in front of the children it may affect his /her psychological health as well as leads to building up their negative perceptions, similarly happen in mentioned story. When the victim is physically and psychologically is unhealthy can not enjoy the well beings of life and remain unsocialized from family and friends. When one individual is affected in the society from a domestic violence than the concept of violence society is emerged, because every individual is connected to their society as a member. Therefore domestic violence affected the health and wellbeing of the women as well as entire society.

In context of said story or deprived lady; her physical health, psychological and social activity is affected from the violence and on other hand her child is also affected as passive member of violence

After having the analysis of forms, causes and affects of domestic violence. It is very important to look forward the ways that how said violence can be prevented or avoid for the deprived lady as well as the all victims. “cycle of violence theory” which was introduce by researcher and feminist Lenore Walker in 1970 which help to understand such violence It include “Honey moon Phase, Tension building Phase, and Acting out Phase” putting the lady on that cycle we can analysis that problem has been started gradually that leads to severe one. We can avoid such tensions into tension building phase. Another suggestion and recommendation include that self awareness about rights of women, approached for legal rights and mutual consensus is also some of strategies to stop violence. The role of the nurse to in the said violence is very important as Mary Cipriano and Ruth Ludwick citied:

“The challenge is what nurses can do about it. Ask a woman if she is fearful of harm. Write a letter or speak to a legislator about domestic violence. Volunteer your skills at a shelter for victims of domestic violence. Open a discussion with a person from another culture about domestic violence.”

I conclude by saying that the by proper knowledge and understanding of forms, causes effects and preventive methods of domestic violence women can safe from hazardous effects of violence on health and wellbeing.


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