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Gender discrimination from a Singapore perspective

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Gender discrimination refers to the level of ranking through a person’s sex which will cause inferior to another. This Report highlights the gender discrimination on women which causes numerous effects and consequences to the world. It will show how women are treated differently from men and the impact causes to the society. Last but not least, the report will also highlights the solution which helps people in changing the stereotype of women and reduces discrimination problems.


With reference: ( http://www.newyorkemploymentlawyerblog.com/2007/06/employee_awarded_2m_for_gender.html)

Section II

In all over the world, women usually are the factor of gender discrimination that people tends to have a stereotype about them. Women are commonly seen as being emotional, frail, submissive, futile and worthless whereas the stereotypes of men are significant, smart, tough and useful which causes people to think that men are vital and more proficient than women. The biasness against women creates unremitting cycles which enhances the prejudice against them and hindering them from getting stronger than the men. Thus, discrimination should be minimized as we move towards globalization.

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In Singapore’s context, it’s largely belief that women have equal opportunities as men in excelling in their studies and have equal social status as men. The understanding about this issue will help us widen our perspectives on the taboo against women in different countries which is still as bad as compared to the early days. It also creates greater awareness to our society so that people will reduce or stop the discrimination and reflect on their actions made against women.

It is important to state the issue of gender discrimination on women as it helps the society to change the stereotypes and mindset of people such as women are more competent in completing certain task as compared to men, for example, giving birth to babies etc. It can also help the society to reduce the stigma of women and to make them realize that we are living in a democratic world thus both genders are equivalent and discrimination towards women should end.

Many might not know that, in developing countries such as India and china, women are not allowed to carry out things that they want to bring around. This is because women are known as a burden to the family as they are known as being weak and useless. As a result, they are only bound to be a homemaker with no exposure to the world and what is happening around. On the other hand, men will be treasured and given a chance to expose outside the hometown to earn a source of income for the family. Thus, in this instance, there is a gender discrimination against women and they are called the servant of household.

Such example can be seen even in Singapore too. For example, when there is a woman driver driving on the road, men tends to have such stereotype that they are weak, not skilful enough and inexperience that result in them being unsure of what to do when encounter an accident. On the other hand, men are known to be street-smart and more skilful and seasoned in driving. Thus, men tends to look down on women when it comes to driving,

Section III

Gender discrimination had affected our society by causing others to despise on women and even women themselves. It had also cause lots of innocent death and unfairness towards human beings. It is actually important for gender discrimination to take place and send a message to people that they should cherish one another. As if, the ratio of women is lesser than men birth rate will decrease and will leads to a lesser number of babies born and brain-drained of the society

Based on research, ending the life of baby girls by parents is a common practice in India and it is taken lightly as the mothers of those babies belief that they are helping the babies by preventing them from suffering in the future. This practice is known as sex-selective abortion.

India Gender Ratios.jpg

From references: (http://southasiainvestor.blogspot.com/2009/07/indias-disappearing-daughters.html)

From the statistic evidence as shown above, the ratio of males as compared to the females are increasing as the years goes by. The sex-selective abortion had also leads to the decrease of birth rates. From the above mention, it will leads to an increase of violent crime and sexual exploitation etc.

Gender discrimination had also affects our society by causing lots of individual tragedies and loss of innocent life which such activities are sex trafficking for women and abuse and the health of women etc.

Section IV

In many places, discrimination towards women is also involved in the family law, education, physical abuse and workplace too. For example, women are will be given less wages as compared to men, on the other hand, men will be also given more privileges than women in making decisions in work place. This is a form of bias and unfair treatment. In addition, women will also be sexually harassed or gets a mediocre treatment than the men.

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If you have taken a more in depth view on the whole society, you will realise that in most of the places or religion, they will give more control or power to the men instead of women. For example, in many of the places, men will be given freedom such as marrying more than one woman at the same time while women will be forbidden to. This is how discrimination takes place and shows that women are not given leadership at prayer, family and many other aspect of life.

To diminish discrimination towards women, we have to find solution such as promoting education to women; reduce the financial needs by needy families and giving a helping hand from the country.

We can reduce the financial needs by needy families so that they can provide and promote education to women so that with those highly educated women, they can achieve excellent jobs with high income and a higher position in the workplace whereby they have the rights and say. It will help to change the view of how people will look at women and will not be look down on as they will have the rights and says in the society when they become useful.

We can also diminish gender discrimination by having helping hands from the country such as government, who can take action into it. They can help to forbid activities such as sex-selective abortion and can organise speeches on gender discrimination so that people will reflect and stop discrimination. They can also help to promote and encourage education for both genders especially on women.


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