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Homelessness and Inequality in Vancouver

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Wordcount: 1449 words Published: 26th Jul 2021

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Background and Problem Statement

This proposal outlines the research proof on homelessness and impoverishment among newcomers in Vancouver. As we know, Vancouver is one of the most excellent and liveable places in the world, but prices are also sky high in the city.  There is n number of factors which influence the homelessness and make it challenging to cope up with this issue. Homelessness is an indication of many sources: family breakdowns, mental fitness and addictions, health problems, unemployment etc. Also, addressing homelessness does not always cope with its issues. Enormous research has been conducted to define the homelessness, its primary reasons, and how we can solve the same. (citation)

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Mostly, homeless are perceived to be the one who takes a nap or sleep in homeless shelters or implore on the streets. This clarification overlooks the realities of the actual conditions. In the 1980s, the researchers described the homeless as “bad people” and “bad luck”. The word “Bad people”  further explained as the one which rises due to one’s part which can be mental fitness and addictions, the inability of an individual to read or write (Redburn and Buss, 1987). The word “Bad luck” was used to describe how an individual’s catastrophe such as health problems, family breakdowns or any unforeseen crucial cost which can all of sudden show oneself into hardship. (Redburn and Buss, 1987). But, the actual meaning of homelessness is very vast, and most shockingly it is very sick-defined in the academic literary texts. Although many international and domestic organizations have defined this in their term, there is no official definition of homelessness in Canada. (Echenberg & Jensen, 2008). Also, several discussions have been helping for the suitability of this term, and the name “houselessness” was put forward as a replacement. (Echenberg & Jensen, 2008; Hulchanski, 2000).

Also, we should not only incorporate and discuss the people who are presently facing homelessness but for the other people as well those who are fearing the consequences of it. Daily, there are almost thousands of individuals or neighbours around us who are struggling with homelessness, hardship, and addiction with which it becomes very tough to sustain oneself. It becomes challenging for the individuals who are beneath the poverty line, as they have to strive hard daily and to make a choice between the necessities of living which can be rent, food, health care. Homelessness is at its peak level now, which is increasing at a very high rate all around Vancouver. As per the data shared by Union Gospel Mission, in Metro Vancouver, approximately 3605+ individuals are homeless, five individuals happen to be homeless every week. (citation) So, the first question which arises here is – What things you will feel deprived of if you do not have a Home? – I think for each an every individual in the world, the most essential is Home; this statement was even published by the Homeless Action Plan, City of Vancouver, 2005, as without roof over a one’s head, it becomes tough to cover necessities.

The below section will provide the information for the measures, constraints, recommended point of view related to homelessness.

Solutions (citation)

Government need to develop strategies, services with cooperation through multiple non- government organizations, agencies, NGO’s, charities like: Union Gospel Mission, Raising the roof, to reach the origin of homelessness. The government need to contribute to this cause by putting some significant policies into action. Some of the plans to help homelessness can be:

  • budget housing options, increasing minimum remuneration, education
  • counselling sessions, psychological guidance, rehab centres to help individuals to get recover from addiction
  • vocational advancements, upgrading their skills and providing them appropriate jobs

Scope of Research

There are significant researches that realize this problem of homelessness. A lot number of events, webinars, sessions, analyses conducted by government and non-government agencies, NGO’, charities for this in the past and still the researches are taking place to resolve this issue as early as possible. Several extensive programs discuss the need for dilating on programs for homeless people.

The report will also add to the issues that homeless people face in their day to day life regularly in Vancouver and will share all the facts available for this in articles, researches, NGO, charities. The information broadcasted by the Government of Canada for the mentioned subject will also be helpful for this proposal


“Ending homelessness is not complicated, though it is expensive.”(Gaetz et al. 2014:5)

It is often said by the researchers , charities and NGO’s that homelessness can be easily be eliminated but it will cost a lot to achieve the target.

As ending homelessness is expensive, so the proposal of the mentioned subject will include all the costs associated with it to achieve the target and to resolve the issue. The plan will be able to reach its best with suggestions and recommendations.

 Proposed Approach

As per the data available from Government of Canada, NGO’s and others which I mentioned before in the proposal, about the number of homeless in Vancouver, how the numbers are increasing rapidly and the factors that influence the same. The research will look into the aspect of the critical measures that are required to end the same.

The some of the plans as mentioned in the Solutions will help all Government, NGO’s and other non-government agencies to help the homeless people and to achieve our target of providing them with a new and enjoyable life. Ending homelessness will not only benefit the government but also it will help individuals to enjoy a pleasant experience. Looking at the future perspective, the end of the homelessness will be of great advantage for the Canadian Government. The government spend approximately $10000 per person annually to maintain a homeless. If the government will allocate the resources correctly and in proper areas for the individuals that will surely provide benefit to the society, the research of this project will surely provide us with the shocking statistics about the homeless, their addictions and things they go through in their daily life.

The result of this research will also put a significant impact on people in Vancouver and will help us to make everyone stand together to end homelessness from Vancouver.



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