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Is the Internet the Cause for Higher Sex Trafficking?

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Wordcount: 1045 words Published: 4th Sep 2017

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Evaluation of “The Internet and Sex Industries: Partners in Global Sexual Exploitation”

The sex trafficking of women and children is exceptionally common however is not considered important by individuals who are incognizant in regards to the subject. Professor, Donna M. Hughes composed an article titled “The Internet and Sex Industries: Partners in Global Sexual Exploitation” distributed by the Technology and Society Magazine in 2000, clarifying the seriousness of sex trafficking. Hughes objective was to educate individuals about sex trafficking. She suggested claim of fact, statistics, and claim of significant value to achieve this objective. These systems made the article a solid reference apparatus to utilize because it makes solid claims that are supported by the writer’s skill and verifiable proof; in any case, the article contains faults on this point since it is out of dated.

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In the article, sexual exploitation refers to all practices by which a person achieves sexual gratification, financial gain through abuse or exploitation of a woman or child by revoking her human right to dignity, equality, autonomy, and physical and mental well-being” (Hughes 562). women and children are generally subjected to sex trafficking when they are confronting destitution, a standing framework, or are experiencing a “troublesome” time. It is easy to compel women and children into the sex industry with violence of prior trauma and money issues. The United States is the main home for Internet pornography (Hughes 563). In the year 2000, pornography was on a lofty ascent without any goals of intrusions from the law or the people. Innovation was a noteworthy hotspot for abusing, promoting and conveying women and children to distorted men. The sex industry is one reason the internet is very popular and has become successful.

The Internet was utilized as a part of numerous approaches to spread sex trafficking. Organized prostitution trips turned into a prevalent path for men from rich nations to come to surely understood sex nations to purchase women and children into prostitution. Alan J. Munn ranted about prostitution trips on the Internet in the spring of 1995, getting the word out to visitors. Alan introduced himself and his business as “PIMPS “R” US”, where he offered four days and a three-night trip containing a huge number of sexual delight from female prostitute. After coming back from these visits, men would go to the web, examine their encounters, and clarify the procedure at the end of the day utilizing the Internet to globalize sex trafficking (Hughes 564).

The Internet is a cheap way to get all the information regarding your sex business out to the public, soon creating the mail-order bride businesses, which endeavors to introduce men and women of different countries for the purpose of marriage, dating or correspondence “The History of Mail Order Brides”. Mail-Order Brides rapidly turned into a generally benefitted business. Men would go onto the site scanning for a gave spouse whose objective in life was simply to satisfy her man. The mail-order bride website was more popular than the magazine because it was cheaper than print. With the Internet being so cheap and easily accessible, sex trafficking grew (Hughes565). Regularly, there is an expected 20 billion dollars made every year in the sex business. In the year 1996, there was an estimated 9 billion dollars spent solely on the sex industry in the United States alone (Hughes 568). David Schwartz stated that the Internet is where the big money is in an interview during that year (Hughes 568). There was an estimation of around six hundred industrial explicit entertainment sites by the year 1996, collecting a total of 51.5 million US dollars. Rivalry in the sex business has prompted to more frightful and injurious mistreatment of women and children through suppression, torment, savagery, child pornography, live shows, and revolting pictures. These situations are corrupting to the women and children being abused openly for the world to see. (Hughes 565).

For the year 2016, this data could be somewhat out of date. The reason is because there is a probability that sex trafficking may not be as high as it was in 2000. Also, there is a probability that the internet is not the largest supplier to help sex traffickers trap women and children. In 2000 the media did its best to cover up sex trafficking and the reality behind it. In the year 2016, the Internet was so effortlessly open that each time you turn there is reliably sex either on television or reality. In the year 2016, sex trafficking has turned out to be less critical to cover up the seriousness of sex trafficking and pornography that individuals feel it is satisfactory to go out and commit various acts of sex trafficking and sex exploitation.

The writer Hughes utilized claim of certainty all through her article. Hughes would make a claim and backed her claims by expressing demonstrated facts that can be proven throughout the article. She examined her point and supporters for the privileges of the women and children. Hughes utilizes her platform to further her advantage to get the word out about sex trafficking and the internet. Therefore, to answer my question “is the Internet the reason for higher sex trafficking?” The proper answer would be yes, due to the fact that the internet porn industry is widely expanding and the Internet is mainly being used for sexual exploitation of human beings on private or public websites for either some form of currency or sexual satisfaction.

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