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Marx Position On Historical Materialism Sociology Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Sociology
Wordcount: 1642 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Marx put forward by the nature of the dialectical materialism to society by developing the understanding of the historical process and explaining the methodological structure of the formula being used.

Marxist historical materialism is the application of science to historical development. The main thesis of historical materialism can be summarized in one sentence: “People are not aware of the things that determine the presence, on the contrary, which determines their consciousness, are social beings.” (Marx, Preface to the Critique of Political Economy)

Karl Marx and historical materialism

Marx, dialectic the nature of the structure of a definite law, as determined after this law, the social-historical structures and processes in the understanding of a tend to the here and materialist approach in accordance with the shape they started the system’s historical materialism called can be reported. In the most general sense, to give a description of historical materialist development, so development of the law and evidence to demonstrate that a proper theory of historical materialism can also create content.

Marx said:

“Plus-paid labor and receive the special economic forms drawn directly from the manufacturers directly arising from the production itself and he left it as a defining influence, manage, and manage those relationships will determine. But, on this, the economic community arising from the entire process of production itself, so that at the same time has put his personal political style. The entire social structure and with it the sovereignty and dependency relationships of political format, in short, it fits the specific form of government the innermost secret, confidential basis reveal anything, anytime, production conditions, those with direct manufacturer relationships between is-it always Naturally, at some stage in the development of work methods and thus fits into its social productivity is a relationship. “

What is the meaning of communism?

Communism on social organization and a theoretical system based on common ownership of means of production is a political movement.

Primitive Communism

In Western thought the idea of communism, Marx and Engels were formed long ago. Communism in the property before the ancient Greeks already lived in complete harmony of society, humanity’s “golden age” there used to be associated with a myth. Some of the works of Plato and other ancient theorists to state a kind of communal life in defense of communism indicates. Many of the early Christian sect (and as stated in Acts, especially in the early Church), pre-Columbian indigenous tribes in America communism were applied in the form of communal living and common ownership.

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In the early stages of society people do not enter the factory, would not normally consume what they produce themselves and cannot work for the weekend, they need food, clothing, etc… Be ready to accept other people for a team award with colored paper and fancy disk. This behavior is quite amazing to come to our remote ancestors. Since we had previously adopted many features of modern society, too. These claims have not heard what the socialist: “People are greedy and are bound to be usurped. Socialism cannot be reached, because you cannot change human nature. “

Primitive hunting and gathering was the foundation of society. Single division, all-natural biological reasons, women also responsible for much of the burden of young children from, was the division of labor between women and men. While the men hunted, women gathered vegetables and fruits were.

Anarchist Communism

Anarchist Communism 14 century and a desire born of a rejection is arm communist anarchism. The authority is rejected. Indeed, theorists, anarchists Proudhon in 1851 “in neither the church nor the state in what is now, what in neither the earth nor the monetary authority should be in,” he said freedom is the desired.

Marx’s scientific socialism contradicts with anarchist ideas. Giuseppe Fanelli, founder of anarchism in Spain, with 1 participating in international Bakunin, “the world parity, and the federation of communes have become freely organized collective ownership of production and labor union organizing itself has to perform,” he says. Indeed, people at the start of the International Workers were divided into two. Proudhon, Marx, another one of these two currents, especially the Geneva (1866) and Lausanne (1867) fought in Congress. 1. in the next Congress fell from international anarchists. According to leading anarchists will be reviewed again should be propaganda. Starting from this idea, the Italian anarchists, they propose to use violence in 1877: “socialist orientation to the principles put forward by the action of the uprising, the most effective propaganda tool.

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Overview of the nation to communism

“From their inception in eighteenth century France, modern police forces in Europe have been involved in political policing. For example, they collected and exchanges information on persons and movements that were considered to be a threat to the established political order. After Napoleonic era, the German states not only established a central political police bureau but also founded, first in Mainz (1819-28) and later in Frankfurt (1833-48), a secret central commission for the exchange and analysis of information. The revolutionary events that took place in 1848 all over Germany brought about, in 1851, a new initiative to reinforce secret interstate co-operation in political policing: the German Polizeiverein (Police association),with its seat in Leipzig. This co-operation involved regular conferences and the exchange of weekly reports. They focused on all sorts of issues with respect to the maintenance of the established political order: illegal meeting of workers, the spread of rebellious pamphlets, the expulsion of dangerous writers etc. However most energy was devoted to the fight against Communism, in the broadest sense of most influential collaborators of the Polizeiverein — C.Wermuth, the police director of Hanover, and W.Stieberg, his equivalent in Berlin-published an extensive report on the communist conspiracies of the nineteenth century. This contained many details concerning the Communist movement in Germany, Austria and other Europe states.

Such information was not only collected by the many informers that Stieber and others secretly controlled, but also delivered by various police authorizes. Some, like the head of the Belgian political police bureau, were virtually extra-ordinary members of the association, participating in conferences and receiving regular bulletins. Others, like the Commissioner established close contact with the Polizeiverein. On the eve of the 1851 Great Exhibition in London, Commissioner Mayne invited the German states, France and Belgium to send officers to London in order to co-ordinate repressive measures against dangerous foreign criminals. Most of those sent belonged to the political policing sections, as London was seen as a hotbed of continental revolutionaries.” (httpHYPERLINK “http://arno.uvt.nl/show.cgi?fid=57599”://arno.uvt.nl/show.cgi?fid=57599 , http://www.kozonline.org/kitap_brosur/amentu6.htm)

What is the meaning of capitalism?

Capitalism, private ownership of means of production owned and operated by a section-weighted, investment, distribution, income, production and prices of goods and services of social and economic system of market economy is determined.

This system is usually created by individuals or groups or corporate entities for labor, land, production means and has the right to be able to make money trading. Practice of the capitalist economy in Europe 16 and 19 century, has become among the corporate, but some characteristics can be found in the first period, the traders during the Middle Ages, the early forms of capitalism have emerged. Since the end of feudalism and capitalism in the Western world is dominated system, the whole world was spread from Europe.

According to Marx, communism and capitalism and why communism is better?

Communism, in a manner different from the capitalist system of society is a system for predicting the organization. Accordingly, the communist stage is reached, according to all the people of the community will contribute to the enrichment capability, according to the requirements of this wealth will receive shares. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels communism developed by social class according to this theory and states will disappear, rather than private property will remain public property. (MARX and ENGELS)

The rapid development of capitalism during the Industrial Revolution, which form an important part of society and the growing number of workers living and working conditions were very bad. Men, women and child workers are run for long hours in unbearable conditions and very low running costs. Poverty, hunger, malnutrition and diseases caused by working conditions that affect large masses of the 19th century, the existing system of socialism as a counter-current of thought emerged (SOCIALISM).

In this theory, communism is the final stage. First, class and state, family, religious institutions such as the existence of a working-class power in the period envisaged. This phase is called the period of socialism. Over time, the realization of socialism all over the world, national borders, class and the state will disappear, material wealth is distributed according to the needs of the people would place under communism.


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