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Same Sex Relationship And Society Sociology Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Sociology
Wordcount: 2350 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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The issue of same sex marriage has been a hotly contended debate in the last few years and in recent times. One of a major national issue; to consider whether these types of relationship are appropriate for the society as a whole and in the long run- will it influence new generations to follow something which was once wrong in society and sinful in many religions and will it create instability in the traditional family structure. First, it will focus on the general points of view of religions that have similar sayings of relationships regarding sexual activity and the law. It will discuss and take different stands and approaches to several reasons to justify my opinion on a society as a whole. It will determine how it can be a major impact in the future, what conservatives say about this, and whether this will disturb the structure of having a perfect family and how the new generation will or can be influenced in future. Overall, almost everyone agrees that homosexuality is immoral. And practically in all cultures, the family is considered the basic societal unit. And allowing same-sex relationships disturbs the structure of traditional families, since they are the ones making the society.

“Marriage between one man and one woman is critical to maintaining social stability. Society as a whole pays a high price when marriage is devalued. You see divorce: you see single-parenting: you see a rise in out-of-wedlock pregnancies,” Shari Rendall, director of legislation and policy for Concerned Women for America.

In the United States, marriage has had constantly shifting roles in the lives of its citizens and residents. Heterosexual marriage has been the norm in the Eastern and the Western traditions for millennia, but recent political ideology have allowed same-sex relationships in various states and cities of America.

Same-sex relationships are unification between two people of the same sexual characteristics. For example, a female figure is attracted to another female figure, while, on the other hand, a male figure is attracted to the other male figure. In this case, none of the gender is liked by the opposite gender of a male or female. And both of the same genders develop profound and emotional feelings for each other. Clearly, there are two types of gender that has been created, but how to use these genders and how to act upon them has completely changed as the world has become more modernized. People are becoming more advanced in their daily fashions and are getting less fearful of their actions as many are pulling away from religious beliefs and practices.

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Standing on a mountain surrounded by very less nature, as I see the world from my binoculars, people that are befriending abnormal behaviors have covered their eyes from woolen clothing’s, making their lives hard to breath from ease. Many proudly cheer and celebrate the changes they are bringing into the society, believing that it will better their lives. They, however, are unfortunate to capture the meaningful and magnificent life they can have without having to change the laws of perfect and sacred performances of marriage. Such people cannot get much further, and if they do, their celebrations are as tiny as the lens of the binoculars I am seeing the distance from, circulated by black paint from which the beauty of life is uncolorful and hard to imagine.

As William C. Duncan states, “Marriage in the United States shall consist only of the union of a man and a women. Neither this constitution, nor the constitution of any state shall be construed to require that marriage or the legal incident thereof be conferred upon any union other than the union of a man and a women,” (2009, p. ). Regardless of what laws have constituted marriage as, the law of nature and various religions has forbidden same-sex relationships to be practiced as a normal conduct. One may change and redefine the meaning of what marriage is, but the true meaning, which have been followed for centuries by various religions and different ethnic groups of people cannot impel out the original concept of practice from its roots.

Moreover, bringing changes to what marriage is or what it should be practiced as causes the society to be unstable and ignore behaviors that are immoral today and for future generations. Taking into account for future generations, since the planet earth is on the rise of adopting behaviors consisting freedom, how should people decide to hold their limits. If today’s generation goes out of control, what should the later world or centuries be out looked as? It is hard to imagine that irregular behaviors are being welcomed more in society, and destroying the concept of sacred institution and peace.

The more questions people will increase, the less the answers will be found. And if answers are not given, people stubbornly upset the societal structure and go astray. It is simple to adjust and accept matters that bring ease to our lives, rather to bring what is unusual for us human beings to watch and accept. Therefore, I strongly believe that same-sex relationships are not appropriate for citizens and residents of the United States because they create instability in the traditional family structure (heterosexual) and they negatively influence future generations.

“America is a free society which limits the role of government in the lives of our citizens. In this country, people are free to choose how they live their lives. In our free society, decisions about a fundamental social institution as marriage should be made by the people,” (Duncan, 2009, P. ). I agree that people have the right to live their lives one wishes to lives as, but I also believe that people should stay in limits of certain things and be conscious of their behaviors. Just as a person would try to be away from doing things that can cause them physical or mental injuries, then how can such people (homosexual) be unconscious that adopting a gay or a lesbian lifestyle does not injure the society as a whole.

Yes it may not cause physical damage, but I believe that, in future, it can bring such a disaster that people (heterosexuals) will be suffering from depression and tensions as they will see the new generations following the existing fashion of certain lifestyles and an increase in such behaviors. Once abnormal behaviors are in effect, who will then determine what is appropriate or not appropriate and what is acceptable or not acceptable in a society. Will people become more ignorant or is it the religion that has no or very less impact on people’s life. Who and what should be blamed of? Why these behaviors cannot be controlled before it disturbs the traditional family structure and the structure of having a right and guided society.

As for Ginsberg et al (2009), “The idea that all Americans are entitled to equal treatment is today a widely accepted principle. More controversial, however, is the matter of how that principle ought to apply to homosexual. Most Americans embrace a live-and-let-live philosophy regarding homosexuality; at the same time, however, Americans are uneasy with some highly publicized efforts to extend civil rights for gays. Central to this debate has been the question of whether government should sanction gay marriage” (p. 68). The government giving so much freedom is the reason to why many people are taking actions to seek different rights, whether it is normal or an abnormal behavior. This is not to say that we should be deprived of our rights. Instead we just to limit the freedom and stay in limited rights.

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One reason why same-sex relationships disturb the traditional family structure is because the original and the so real purpose of marriage are to procreate. Since homosexuals are unable to procreate they should not be allowed to marry. Similarly, homosexuals are not fit to be parents even if they adopt and take a role of both, a mother and a father. Only a traditional heterosexual household is the best in which to raise children. In a homosexual relationship, at times, gender roles either do not exist or are unclear. And it is important for children to differentiate between a mother and father in nature and as expressively.

Boys and girls have needs that can only be met by the opposite gender, and once understanding different figures, they will also come to know the different roles a man is suppose to play in society and in house and the different roles a women can play in society and in house. Because homosexual relationships are so unstable they cannot provide children with the security they need and the two different gender loves they deserve (Mckinon, 2007, p.2). On the other hand, if two same genders are legally married and given permission for certain obligations and the right for adopting a child, then what partner should be considered a father or a mother. How will the determination be considered- who takes a role of a mother and a father? I do not understand how any women can show a masculine love to a child when she does not hold masculine traits and powers.

As Ava Mckinon states, another reason to why same-sex relationships should be objected because “opponents of same-sex marriage seem to be concerned about the long tradition of marriage being between a man and a woman. Many opponents of same-sex marriage say that they are not against benefits for same-sex couples but believe the institution of marriage should be reserved for one man and one woman. Otherwise, they argue, it could lead to all sorts of other undesirable marriages such as polygamy, incest, and bestiality. Many religious organizations fear that the legalization will lead to rampant immoral behavior,” (2007, p.2).

Moreover, gay and lesbian marriage should not be allowed because it can influence future generations. If more children are being accepted by same sex partners, these children will lack knowledge of stabled families and will take these behaviors normal and acceptable. And if this continues to happen, what will be the norm of the society. Children raised by gay or lesbian parents will adapt such fashions too and become part of homosexuality. On the other hand, there are many questions that will rise when looked at the future of our kids. One is that, what will be taught to students in public schools in regards of marriage. Is the definition of marriage completely and continuously going to change? In a recent case of the state of Massachusetts, “parents of young elementary school students objected to books meant to teach children to respect marriages and families involving same sex couples,” Duncan, 2009, p. ). In account on reading this case, this shows that opponents of same-sex marriage will be compelled to keep their kids home and keep them away from worldly and further knowledge. In this case, parents will be willing to give their children home education and build a stronger impact of religion on them.

These problems can me a major loss to businesses and many governmental institutes. The businesses that provide public schools and organization with books and gives support with other kinds of educational material will need people to buy from them. And if people are giving home education and buying very limited books, it will be a disaster for businesses and difficult to run. And more institutes will be empty and with less people. This will cut down teachers, faculties and much more. Once thought about everything, questions will never end and there will always be a blockage for such actions to be performed. In order to have same-sex marriages in effect, every division in the society has to be looked upon very deeply. And moreover, this will be a radical change to the society.

In a final thought, I agree accordingly to Duncan that, ” marriage promotes the integration of men and women: by treating both as essential to society’s most basic and foundation unit, it rejects the idea that men and women, mothers and fathers, are fungible,” (2009, P. ). For centuries, in religion, in law and in many cultures, marriage has always been practiced between a man and a woman. And same-sex marriage is just plain disgusting. Therefore, same sex relationships should not be courage to be part of a normal ongoing society. No one here wants to make their lives hell and disturb the tranquility that exists today. It may not be as perfect but at least it does not create instability in the traditional family and become an influence on the coming generations. Since that the world is becoming more advanced and highly fashionable, any laws passed from now will affect many of us. And decisions must be carefully examined before putting it in effect.

Overall, my opinion is as strong as it was before, and I strongly oppose same sex relationships to be part of a regular norm in the society. I cannot also agree that the meaning of a marriage can be redefined at any time because this is a union between only a man and a woman. The whole concept of being in a marriage bond is to procreate, and so the same sex couples does not have the powers or the abilities to require all duties of a marital bond and procreate unless a third party of the opposite sex is involved. Marriage is a sacred institute, practiced in many cultures and religions all over the world. And changing its definition is undoable and forever to remain as followed. Sam-sex relationships cannot be given the permission or the name of marriage as union because they are very far from touching the roots of a marriage and fulfill its duties. A same-sex may adopt, but again that adopted child has come from heterosexual couples who have the ability to such power. In addition, marriage is not the right term for same-sex relationships and they cannot be given same rights as heterosexual couples because they are not, in any sense similar to each other.


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