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Street prostitution and its effects in the society

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Sociology
Wordcount: 5155 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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This report tends to focus on prostitution, it main objectives being the trade on street prostitution and its effects in the society. The main objectives of prostitution have been taken into consideration, step by step making the whole paper easy to understand. The research mainly focuses on women who are the main sources of prostitution compared to men. The research is not based on gender discrimination but rather statistics which show that the number of women prostitute in this case out numbers the number of men by a ratio of four to one. The fact that prostitution is not legalized I many continents and countries, factors which are of the same relation are highly penalized in some of this continents. Examples of such cases include communicating in such a manner that can be complied with prostitution. The whole factor about not legalizing prostitution is based on the out comes of prostitution. This research tends to interview different sectors and areas which have been involved by the same case. The research is base on the controversial good reports bad reports statement, “prostitution is legal, but I is illegal to practice it. This paper brings about different perspectives including factors which may bring about the whole idea of prostitution. The outcome of prostitution being the main objective of the paper, It tends to analyze the cons and pros of the whole of the out come of prostitution, if the pros outnumber the cons in this sector there are vast information which will be taken into consideration. Information on whether prostitution should be made legal in continents which are not practicing the act. The difference between the controversial statement of prostitution being legal and the acts being illegal has been analyzed, to give controversial results of the outcome.

Overview of methodology

Research is a frequent used word in academic writing. It means different things. Research is a process of searching that ideally, never ends. Research enabled gather information on and about the outcome of prostitution. It was an attempt to seek knowledge of what is on ground matters affecting the outcome of prostitution, the major outcomes being both negative and positive factors. Research will employ philosophical, ethnical approach to try and come up with different aspects which can be considered during the analysis of prostitution.

Research helped formulating with the phenomenon to achieve new insights to active and applicable solutions. This included testing a hypothesis of a casual relationship between independent variables related to the topic in study

It is further defined as comprising, defining and redefining problems. Later, Formulating hypothesis or suggested solutions, organizing and formulating data. Deductions are made and reaching to conclusions and at least, carefully testing the conclusion to determine whether they fit the formulating hypothesis.

Research methodology characterized by the fact that it is deterministic. Fields and philosophical issues should be thoroughly researched to keep up to date with arising. It was generally seeking to accommodate all types of prostitutes in different countries. The elimination and exclusion of some individuals will be geared at being biased.

Literature review

Overview and summary on research design and major findings

The main research strategy (design) was bas is based on Rajit (2005) Research structure. According to Rajit, reliable research is based on an eight step structure. Each step is a process in itself as described below.

Formulating a research problem. This step involves literature review, formulation of a research problem, identification of variables and formulation of possible hypothesis.

Conceptualizing of a research design: In this step, only two activities are involved. First is identifying a research design and second is selecting a study design for the research.

Construction of an instrument for data collection: In this step, selection of a data collection method is done, then data is collected using attitudinal scales and last, a test to establish the validity of the data collection instrument is done.

Sample selection: this is a brief step as it only involves the selection of a sample.

Writing a research proposal: this is literary the most important step in the research process. Its success determines whether or not the research is to take place and how reliable its outcome is going to be. With reference to this research, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to note that the research proposal was successful and that the outcome of the completed research is undoubtedly going to be a success.

Data collection: This step marks the initial stage of the research process in the field. It simply involves collecting data as depicted by the name.

Data analysis: During this second last step, data collected is processed and prepared for display and presentation.

Report writing: This marks the end of the research. It compiles the research process in detail and provides conclusions of findings and recommendations.

This structure as designed by Kumar in 2005 is the research methodology applied in this research. Quantitative reports are considered as results, of this methodology artifacts used in this case.

Major outcomes

The research involves major findings, this includes as to who is mostly involved in the whole prostitution sectors. The pros and cons of major findings have been brought into consideration in the whole area of findings. The questions which are brought about by the outcome of prostitution have been put in consideration. Some of the question which have been brought about as a means of the whole results process include,

Is prostitution a victimless crime

Is prostitution an outcome of free choice

does prostitution take into consideration morality factors

Does prostitution lead to human trafficking?

The relationship between prostitution and violence

HIV/AIDS prevention strategy

Does prostitution lead to prevalence of rape?

Does prostitution lead to a career opportunity

The research further takes into consideration former prostitutes view point of the outcome of prostitution. The depicted questions tend to analyze the outcome of the whole project, Factor which affect the community based on their day to day activities, include facts which have been put into consideration in this research. The out come of the whole project can also be based on the governmental control factors and laws which have been put forward to make the whole issue, liable in major findings. What are the facts which the government uses in order to make the whole issues of prostitution against the rules of the country? The advantages which come about with prostitution have also been viewed in the conclusion of the whole research protocol. The major outcome of this project is based on the number of interviews which have been conducted; this was a way of making the whole research viable, and to statistically predict the major outcomes of different countries.

Specific research area directly related to study

According to a research conducted in the United Kingdom concerning the effects of prostitution, Doctor Johnson H, directed different artifacts as to why prostitution should be legalized, and at the same time why it should be considered as an illegal act. He stated that if prostitution was legalized it would follow different financial aspects. The aspects include the economy of different states in western countries improving. It was not only based that the economy of the given states would improve but the economy of the prostitutes as well. It was established that without the latest laws which force prostitutes to underground, the whole idea of prostitution would become an ideal factor and a professional as a whole. In the U.K the laws which have been passed forward to discriminate the whole idea of prostitution are said to be unconstitutional. The whole legitimate aspect of the whole ideal can be seen in the provision of different aspects which are utilized in the same case. The constitution of the UK tends to legalize prostitution but the aspects which have been brought forward by the laws which govern the country tend to diminish the profession. The research tends to bring about the idea that if the act is certified, the government of the area is most probably going to increase its asset in matters involving economic know how strategies. According to the san Francisco task force on prostitution fund, the research on the amount of money that the government tends to use in order to diminish the whole act of prostitution, can be used in other sectors which are mainly based on the uplifting of the whole country.

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The San Francisco task power is a faction of researchers, there are main objective in san Francisco tends to come out with different aspects which are of great importance to the whole idea brought about by prostitution. The solution is tried to be based on the major laws which have been enacted in the state. Although the two never agree on the deals which are brought forward it is clear that they usually agree on two factors and this includes, factors which include legalizing of prostitution and main factors affecting the way in which funds used to stop prostitution can be put in to better use. According to the research brought forward it was stated that variety of analogies can be analyzed in the outcome of the whole outcome strategy. Robert Noce, an expert from Manitoba states that lawyers in different firms wants to see prostitution become a worth while business in which the tax payment inducted in the whole process are generated to be of great importance to the government. This means thus the business tends to make a positive strategy to the whole religion, and the fact that prostitutes tend to hind themselves underground when dealing with the whole perspective makes the state loose a large amount of money in the different states. The whole perspective of the research conducted in Canada tries to bring about the ideal and controversial idea in dating agency, the whole perspective is brought about to show the different strategies which prostitutes use to be in the market. The researcher remarkably states that naivety is detected in the way people tend to burry their heads assuming that nothing is going around them. The research also tries to prove that the highest bid exist in different established states are based on controversial idea and agency surrounding the governmental agency around. The paper concludes that the highest amount of money which is spent in prostitution, is the money used to fight against the idea. Billions of dollars are spent in the whole ideology in Canada each year trying to eradicate this project. This brings about the outcome of lose of funds from the government. The pros of the whole research project insist that if the outcome of legalization of prostitution includes getting enough money to increase the strategic manner in which the government investments in other projects.

Terms and definitions

Blinded study

This involves terms which have been used in this research to make sure that the reader of the results does not misinterpret the whole ideology behind it. In this case of studies some of the common terms which have been used include government, law, constitution, and prostitutes.

Government: this is a governing body within a specific country or organization. It tends to make decision for the whole country concerning natters which may affect the country in future. In the research the government has been used to main factors which it uses to make the whole ideology worth using. It has further been established that the factors which the government uses to rule a country are called laws.

Laws: this is prevailing terms which limit a person in doing something under a given environment. Under different countries government passes laws in order to make sure that the act of prostitution is not practiced at all in the given areas. This brings about the concept of understanding between different parties in the whole religion factor.

Constitution: involves a document which has been discussed by the government including the rights of specific individuals in the state. Every one hast specific right in a given country, this can be established as one factor that tends to bring people together in a specific country.

Prostitution: this is the commercial exchange of money for sex, or other factors which may be described under the act. Different aspects can be evaluated when using this terms as different countries have their own meaning of who a prostitute may be. The term thus differs from one state to the other. An example include the explanation based on Arabia culture and western culture, they tend to give different meaning in the aspects provided.

Critical evaluation

The research strategy used in this thesis tries to describe the factors which can be evaluated in the factors of study. Through various decisive literature reviews, it describes how different prostitution factors are of great importance to the government. The outcome was greatly involved with factors which were well related to the vast economic factors brought forward in the economy directory. The evaluation conduction possibility showed that the pros outnumber the cons of the whole ideology of prostitution. The main factors which come up due to the same ideology strategy have been strategically narrowed down. Different laws have been narrowed down to explain the whole strategic idea.

Research Question: Is conducting research on outcome of prostitution necessary?

The necessity to do the research based on the current health implications of prostitution in the United States. Researchers have shown through practical and theoretical arguments about prostitution. The clear effects of prostitution to a country have been put in consideration. When a condition affects too many people at the same time and it hit them at the same time, the effects of prostitution can therefore be generated by the outcomes of the discussed perspectives which have been brought forward by the research factors. Further the research is based at making reliable recommendations for the future prostitution based on the outcome of the research. The research tends to find out the pros and cons of prostitution, which can be very helpful to future findings of the government.

Research hypothesis: tomorrow allegation of prostitution are depended on research conducted today

The findings of this research shall contribute to the laying of preventive measures/ which can be put against prostitution. The outcome of the whole research is also a factor which produces a debating factor among governing officials in order to know whether to lift different strategic laws. These laws can be lifted or tightened depending on the whole study. Further, the research tends to give specific recommendation to the government concerning the negative results of prostitution.

Aim; the main aim of conducting this research is to identify the risk factors for prostitution in the American population. This is attained through:

Conducting a literature review on prostitute in united states

Proposing research

Conducting research and

Reporting Research findings

Research design and execution

This structure used in this research is designed by Kumar in 2005 is the research methodology applied in this research. It tends to take different perspectives into consideration. This include major evaluation of the results, the methods of research has been broken down to make sure that the whole aspect takes the major aspect considered in the order which the information has been conducted in the given research proposal segments. The methodology tends to take different information produced into consideration, thus no specific loose of data. Data is collected using different strategies and analyzing of the data takes different perspectives into consideration.

Data collection methods

The designs shown below are a plan of how the data in the population is going to be accessed or received. There are various means of data gathering that can be used in the following proposals, but due to saving resources, time and money. The proposals outline the most important aspects only that can be used for data collection

The researcher used various methods in her course work to investigate the relationship between environments and prostitution implications. This includes the questionnaire method, interviews, library research and observation which are the four major methods used. A combination of this helped the researcher to come up with concrete and diverse information.

3.1.1 Questionnaires

A questionnaire is a group or sequence of questions designed to elicit information upon a subject or sequence of subjects from an informant. Kenton defines a questionnaire as an instrument that consists of a set of questions to which the subject responds in writing.

The questionnaire was administered to prostitutes in an open manner. This ensured that it attracts the most basic and true information on the prostitutes. This was similarly, administered though the media in programs aired in them.

The researcher administered questionnaires on students because it was easier and faster to reach the teenagers and youth who are the most vulnerable persons in the act of prostitutions. The questionnaire was also taken to different clubs in the united states, this being the area that is mostly hit by the effect of prostitution.

3.1.2 Interview Schedule

National Collaborating Centre for research defines an interview schedule as a conversation in which the researcher tries to get information from the interviewer. The method assumes that the respondents to be interviewed have the information required they can understand the question put to them and would be willing to give honest answers while they are face to face with the researcher.

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Interviews were quite useful for the interviewer because through creating a good rapport with the respondents, much more vital information was obtained. It was up to the interviewer to control the order in which the questions flowed basing on the prior given answers by the interviewer. The tools used were unstructured interviews to get views on people’s opinion on prostitution, like whether it should be done away with in the media, how it has influenced people’s lives and what should be done to stop prostitution in the street of the United States.

3.1.3 Observation

Observation consists of a set of specific instruments including use of standardized observation forms and participant observer. Observing is not confined to seeing only but also hearing and analyzing. The researcher was able to interact with religious heads, media practitioner’s people and from different religion. By definition the researcher was able to get firsthand information for example on the negative effect of prostitution in the given population.

Assessment of potential problems in data collection

Data collection was based on different strategies including factors that may affect the possible outcome. However, to decrease the impact of the above limitations, this research has taken intensive planning measures and created regulative measures that should be taken into consideration when going through the report. Various aspects have been considered I this research, another limitation that was encountered while collecting data is hostility from different prostitutes. The idea limited the length of personnel’s who gave information on the data collected.

Scope and limitation of your study

First and foremost, any research is faced with a challenge of imperfection. However data collection, analysis and presentation may be accurate, there always exist measures of tendency in which deviations are expected to occur. This research is limited in such consideration. Second challenge is of bias rooting from misinterpretation of meanings of phrases. Third, the field research always has perverse conditions than those planned for; this could limit the research process in terms of resource availability. The whole strategic ideology of the whole planning perspective has been taken into consideration to make sure that this does not affect the outcome of the data.

Ethical concerns and human subject protection issues

Human Subject Protection Review Application and Approval

For a just and fair research in this research, ethical and legal issues ought to be considered. The legal issues expected are in form of, collaborative partnerships with all stakeholders, social or clinical relevance, and scientific merit, fair selection of subjects, ffavourable risk-benefit assessment, informed consent, independent ethical review and respect for participants.

On the other hand, ethical issues to be considered can be considered as outlined in the Principles for ethical research. These are: respect for persons through, autonomy (informed consent), privacy and cconfidentiality; beneficence to do well and protect from harm and lastly justice as in through fair distribution of benefits and burdens.

Security of signed informed consent form

Different forms were used in the interview to let the person under question. This is a way of assuring the person that his/ her information is secure with the researcher and it is not going to be used for any distractive means. This has to come up with a contract or a form which the two are to agree with each other. This comes with consequence of trying to convince the interview on signing the contract. A consent form should have assuring means of which the person being interviewed can use against the interviewer incase he uses the information, contrary to their agreement.

Data collection

Process and timeliness

The research is basically planned on taking six months. Each of the months is presented with a specified task. Below is a breakdown of the tasks involved in each of the stipulated months.

First Month: Direct tasks Presentation of research proposal for approval

In this step, there shall be research proposal writing. The research proposal upon compilation shall then be presented to sponsors and other relevant authorities for approval and funding. There shall be the mild pre research done at this stage to ensure that the proposal is sufficiently equipped with necessary and relevant information towards wooing the sponsors and the approving bodies to support the research in ways possible.

Second month: Gathering logistics and preparation of data collection tools.

Upon the approval, the initial steps in the research process shall involve preparation for the practical work in the field. In this level, resources required for the success of the study shall be identified. They shall then be gathered together. In this stage as well, there shall be setting up of a site from which the research or study shall be run. There shall be further planning on the specific logistics to be carried out during the study.

Third month: Collection of data from target population.

This is the most important step in this study. It shall involve the previously discussed methods of data collection. The study first of all involves researchers setting out to the field to make first hand observations. Researchers are also herein obligated with a task to sample sources in the field and record first hand observations. This gives this study a primary sense of sources in research. On the other hand, this study is also subject to previous studies conducted successfully on subjects relevant to this case. This therefore gives this research paper a secondary research form. Therefore, in essence, it is not an overstatement to say that this study takes root in both primary and secondary sources of data. This choice is aimed at increasing the scope of sources and subsequently widening the information needed. With wider information, this study will be better positioned to draw more realistic conclusions and recommendations. The featured sources of data are as presented below.

Fourth Month: Data verification and analysis.

Since part of the data collected shall involve numbers and other measurements such as demographic and geographic, quantitative approach in research shall come in handy. The approach shall further come in handy in analysis of the quantitative data collected. Finally, presentation of this data in form of graphs, tables and charts shall also be guided and made easier by the quantitative approach in research.

On the other hand, the choice of the qualitative approach in research is based on the fact that part of the research is based on opinion from individuals and therefore can only be qualitatively measured. This is inclusive of questions asked to respondents either as individuals or as representatives of institutions. Thus, the qualitative approach in research, analysis and presentation of such data shall herein come in handy.

Fifth month: Complying of data and final report writing

This is part of the final steps involved in the research writing exercise. In this stage, data collected and analyzed shall be compiled together. It shall be presented in report format both in soft and hard copy. Data presentation shall herein use academic writing formats, use of charts, tables and graphs.

Sixth month: Policy Implications

According to the information gained, the research will implement various methods in which can be used to either to present to the authority the outcomes thus giving their ideology in prostitution. He should also find various methods to gain access to local people through various non governmental organizations in order to help him through with the funds.

Major problems

There might be problems in the funding of the whole research system. Without funds from the given groups, this research will prove to be of little estimate, and it wont take place in the given perspective measures. This brings about the only main disadvantage which may cause the whole research not to take place.

Analysis and interpretation

Major findings and interpretations

There were major cons and pros which were found involving prostitution. Different aspects and question provided different aspect in analyzing the data.

Prostitution was found to be a victimless crime: it was found out that prostitution provides an arena where men, women, and children are open to different perspective of commercial enterprise business. When a prostitute is forced to be in a sex scene this can be said to be a form of insult. Other internship includes when a pimp order a prostitute to do sexual acts which are based on demands, this can be based as exploitation or rape. Different prostitutes gave their experiences on how they have been abused, raped by their pimps. This brings the first conclusion that prostitutes tends to have an outcome of rape and sexual abuse in the society.

Prostitute and choice: according to the research carried out it showed that prostitution was as results of choice to be economically stability, this is by far the main reason as to why the whole aspect tends to happen. One of the outcomes of prostitution is children not going to schools for the prostitutes who don’t know how to manage their money. The economic drainage of the whole process tends to be of reliance in the given information.

Morality of prostitution: the whole idea of prostitution is wrong according to morals. Even though is has been stated to be oldest job strategy in the market. This has a negative impact in lack of moral conscience within a given population. This has its negative side as it can lead to death due to various aspects that have been showed in this case.

Human trafficking: the idea of human trafficking is one of the outcomes of prostitution as a business for pimps. It has always been done in specific areas to children to make sure that business continues. Due to the whole ideology perspectives major issues have come to bring about the concepts which have been based on the controversial idea of prostitution. Thus prostitution is one of the major aspects which bring about human trafficking in the country.

Prostitution and violence: this is one of the major outcomes of prostitutions in different areas. It does not matter if the act is legal or illegal, facts stand that the act tend to lead to homicide of women involved and death.

Spread of HIV/AIDS: there is an increasing spread of the diseases due to prostitution. Facts stand that even if prostitutes are tested each and every week for the disease, there will a high risk of customers get the virus. According to medicine, the disease takes absolutely 12 weeks to be detected depending on the body of an individual. This has brought about perspectives which are of great importance to the spread of the disease.

Prevalence of rape: rape is one of the cases which have been brought forward by the aspects which have been put in question. Prostitution helps in prevalence of rape, as it is its major aspects, leading to prevalence of the whole issue.

Summary and Conclusion

Evaluation of hypothesis and recommendation for future researchers

Major means of trying to eradicate prostitution lie in the given perspectives. The negative outcomes of prostitution tend to outnumber the cons thus making the whole ideology bad to the society. Future planning’s and laws involving prostitution can be based in this research as it proves the outcomes of the sector. Different measures have been argued in the research thus making it reliable for future researchers. Different policy decisions making protocols can also base their terminologies and ideas in this research. It is highly

Recommended that future researcher take into consideration content analysis. The advantage of content analysis discussed above is that the factor of personal views and feeling towards a subject is catered for. Unlike majority other methods such as logical analysis which involves mathematical representation of issues, content analysis accommodates numerically immeasurable forces around the question of satiability prostitution profession.


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