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The Different Types Of Conflict

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Statistics of the U.S. researchers showed that an average user management 21% of the time during the week to resolve the contradictions and conflicts within the company.Thus, conflict resolution and conflict so satisfied with a job that managers need to pay attention to promote the company work better. Conflict is a process in which one side perceives that its interests are opposed or negatively affected by another side . Conflict is inevitable. The potential conflict is found everywhere. Conflict as well as conflicts within an organization can occur at many levels from small to large.This topic talks about how to identify the type of conflict, the origin of them and give appropriate treatment strategy of conflict. Conflict has an important influence in business administration such as high level of conflict will create a loss of control in the organization, reduced productivity and increased hostility between people. Energy for the work have to use for conflict and contradiction. With high levels of conflict, anger will tend to focus on individuals rather than dispute can be resolved . From here the coordination disappeared and confidence threatened. Great disadvantage and loss for many companies. In addition to the above disadvantages, conflict can function to promote the development of an organization. The nature of conflict is not bad but its consequences in a positive or negative depends on how to solve them. So, figure out the cause of the conflict is the key to manage them in the direction of creating positive consequences for the organization.

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The group is a collection of individuals who satisfy the following four factors: There are 2 or more members; have time to do certain work together, sharing the same or perform general one task or plan to reach theobjectives that the group expected, operating under the general provisions of the group. Group work brings good results that the individual can not do or that the efficiency is not high. Also allows individuals to overcome personal obstacles and society to achieve or accomplish results, higher goals.At the same time leads to the development of other members to join the group. The result of the first group help the second group learning experience. Participate in group have some benefits such as: Take advantage of talent, skill and ability of each member make it become collective strength, can learn from each other work experience, life experience and social experience. The group can support each other to solve the problems of the individual, help the individual to develop and reach the common goals of the group. Help groups behavior change, personal attitude in a good way by individual self-improvement. For example: Personally speaking crowd will be more confident. Working group to help solve problems more effectively, due to the many different members, with experience and knowledge. And work together are factors that make motivation for all members. The group is a collection of people with different characteristics and demands of purpose and work method completely different. Therefore conflicts arising is normal. Conflict is complex psychosocial issues in collective activities of the organization. It is a psychological phenomenon among human. Manage relationships through the team requires leadership, management should have proper awareness about conflict and how to resolve conflicts in the organization. Conflict is a social psychological phenomenon the status changes to previous psychological balance. Collective conflicts in the contradictory nature of antagonism arose between human in the process of working together in groups. As we all know, human activity is purposeful activities; activities each can to achieve different purposes (for example, achieve a purpose to achieve objectives B, with the purpose B to achieve the purpose of C). But the ultimate goal that everyone wants to achieve is always a benefit to meet the physical and spiritual needs of his. Through searching the benefit human have relations with the enviroment and relations with each other. Thus, the conflict is the interaction between people (between subjects with other subjects) in the direction hinder, exclusion each other or struggle each other. Debate is an inevitable and necessary part of the work group. However, it is useful only when it debates in peace and all revolve around issues of common work. In fact, the debate easily out of control and negative impact on work and relationships of the group. Conflict can bring positive or negative results, depending on the nature and intensity of the conflict, and conflict resolution. So why conflict need resolution? As the nature of conflict does not go away by itself, if don’t solve the problem can create greater conflicts. Effective conflict resolution will bring benefits such as: Improving understanding and mutual respect among team members. Improve team collaboration through discussion, negotiation in resolving conflicts. Strengthening the human link when the conflict is resolved effectively, they will understand the others about feelings, preferences and circumstances. Improve understanding of each member due to personal conflicts push them more efforts to quickly pass the “rival” of them, help them understand the real issues most important to them, and lead them to success faster. However, if the conflict is not resolved in a scientific and effective way, they can cause unpredictable consequences. Conflict in the work easily turn into personal conflicts. Team work is broken, wasted talent, and easy to protest and blame on each other make the spirit of teamwork disintegration and this is very detrimental to any company or organization. This literature review will clearly state the causes of conflict, conflict category. Once you understand the source of conflict will be easy to understand and figure out the direction to solve it effectively. This is a very useful topic for all kind of professions, social class. This skill helps people avoid embarrassment before the scene of conflict and minimize conflict.

Key words: Conflict, Group behavior, Group Conflict, Cause of Conflict, Resolving Conflict, Conflict Style..


There are three types of conflict include: Conflict between individuals and individuals, Individuals and groups. Or conflict between groups and groups. In essence, the conflict is the clash of interests and values ​​of human

Individuals to Individuals: In the organization possible conflicts between the individual and the individual.The cause of the conflict is very different: the incompatibility of psychology; misunderstood each other; disagreements in perspective, lack of understanding, mutual trust, the crowding out of other people for. Psychological conflicts between individuals can occur such as : One side Conflict is only one person against another in a positive way in the form of public or non-public. Or two side Conflict come from both parties are actively involved.The evolution of the conflict without solve conflict first step will be a logical progression in the upward direction. Both parties refused to accept the proposal of each other, making the conflict a progression. After that conflict evolve become very strong. Drastic actions of the two sides, can not be controlled. Then conflict evolve explosion: This is often conflict started after the insiders have to silently endure and contradictions become extreme stress in a moment of explosive conflict. These conflicts often have great strength and ended very quickly. The conflict can be ended as diverse as: Resolving thoroughly, extinguish the conflict when it is completely finished with the victory of the people and the failure of others, or by compromise, concession each other. One side conflict, when a person has cleared his inhibition, then the conflict is resolved completely. If not resolving thoroughly it can turn into a dormant state that the two parties are fatigue and risk of back anytime. Or the other way it would be a false ending in the illusion of wraps of conflict due to one reason or another, while the cause of the arising conflict is still not resolved. When the enemy back stance, his earlier opinion, the conflict between the two sides became more intense, reproducibility conflict is huge.

Individual to the group: There is a conflict between a member of the collective. This type of conflict is caused by many reasons. May be due to the reason comes from the individual or from the collective.For example: All the many elements of bad, lazy, undisciplined … good personal conflict, positive; conflict between a bad individual selfishness, dishonesty in dealing with a collective good; conflict between the development of the collective characteristics of leadership style. Etc.. Type of conflict between groups and individuals by the views or interests do not match.For example, in a sales team, a majority of the members of the group want to lower the product for quick consumption and more.But there is one person in the group do not agree so that it can affect the overall profit and customer may be rated poor quality.In this case, conflicts between individuals and groups occur

Groups and the Groups: In an organization can have multiple groups.View of the interests of the group do not agree with each other such as division of labor no reason not understand each other, conflicts between individuals with different individuals in the two groups caused conflict between the two groups, ordue to competition between groups leads to conflict occurs


To successfully resolve conflicts that arise in the work is not easy it requires you to know exactly the origin arising conflicts and provide reasonable solutions. Conflict is a disagreement, dispute occurs when there is a difference:

Work methods between people: Each person has different way of working.There are people who like to work fast, but also those who want to work slowly but surely.Or more emotional work while others are rational.There are also those who want to work for profit regardless of tricks but there are those who work with responsibility and conscience.Different styles lead to conflict at work

Communication Barrier: Conflict is more likely to occur in this case because of the misunderstanding of communication.In particular, differences in language and customs are the most common problems. Besides the geographical barriers of distance or transmitted by mouth through many people incorrect information leads to misunderstandings and contradictory arise together.

Personality: Sometimes the tension and stress and pressure, leading to an individual feel uncomfortable so the easy anger unusual and lost faith in the people around.They feel out of place in the group when the workload is too much due to the uneven division of labor. From that easy to cause jealousy, competition, personal steam along with other

Besides, due to the following reasons : Different target, Stress / psychological pressure, Ambiguity about the scope of the powers,..


Here are the five conflict management direction useful for those who always face conflict.Each direction effectively solve different specific circumstances, it is important to understand the time to apply them wise.


This is a quick method, but not collaborative, it is resolved in favor of the direction of power. They find ways to reach the goal with any price (intimidate, oppress, crush, etc.), they do not care to demand others. This method is best used in situations that require quick decisions that are vital, such as in the case of an emergency. This type of person always aims to compete for a better position the company, they know what they want. They usually start from a powerful industry, they are lured by position, social status, they’re intelligence, and have a good vision. But when they decide not to match, they find ways to defend themselve. However they feel unhappy, depressed when to do the job without challenges.


This method is not definitive, but it collaborative and opposition to competitive methods. The leader using this style can ignore their own interests in order to satisfy the needs of others. They see the relationship is paramount and their interests are secondary. They are willing to sacrifice the purpose, benefits as long as other people love them. They think that to avoid conflict to keep the peace. This method can promote the best performance when the problem to be solved become especially important for people other than yourself


This method is indecisive, no cooperation. Those who use it will not be solved conflict. It is often applied to problems less importance. Therefore, the cost to resolve the said conflict is usually higher than the subsidized amount to solve it.

They are always run away from conflict. They are the kind of people who execute the decisions, not opinions and do not want to touch anyone. They like to do the job at bringing competitiveness, argue against them is cheap method. So, this is a type who was very weak. It is important for you to recognize each type of person in your company, you can use them only when you think it’s best to resolve the problem you are experiencing. You can also solve them by instinct, experience and learn how to change the resolution if necessary.


This way both resolute and collaborative, it is the opposite of elusive style.When collaborating, individuals often try to work with others to find a solution that both parties are satisfied. It is often used in situations both parties interests are important to compromise Tube aims to try to reconcile and recognize that all people are equally important. This type of person is very useful when you need to combine the views of the people to give a best solution that everyone feel good; when there is conflict in the group for a long time;, or when you have a very important case that can only be resolved by agreement between the members. They see conflict as a problem to solve, they find ways to reduce stress, they are not satisfied until reaching common goals and solve problems between the two sides.


This is how to solve the intermediate nature of assertiveness and cooperation. It is located in the middle of the competition and help. This method be applied when the purpose set out in moderation and it is essential to quickly go to the settlement. When unresolved conflict team members may begin to divide faction and of course no group solidarity. That is why it is important for the leaders to resolve the conflict if it occurs. This kind of people aims to compromise in order to try to find a solution to satisfy everyone. They sacrificed a neutral interests to find a solution in order to achieve common goals. They also mobilize their opponent to do the same

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To resolve the conflict, you should apply the following methods: Keep good relationship is the top concern. Be polite and calm with people, build a culture of mutual respect and avoid people feel pressure in everyday relationships. Separate issue from the people will helps you to have a lively debate that does not affect the relationship between colleagues together. Pay attention to the existing benefits by listening carefully you will understand why people accept their current position. Listen before speaking to solve a problem effectively need to listen in order to understand their needs. By following these methods, It can resolve conflicts in a calm and polite.This helps you to prevent the protests could lead to “reckless” in the company

Steps to resolve conflict:

Step 1:

Analyzes: Resolve conflicts when it started, avoid prolonged easy arising conflicts. Described conflict as a common problem to be solved, not as a struggle with winners and losers. Identify contradictions content as specific as possible.

Step 2:

Exchange: Listen, clarify, evaluate each other’s opinions. Flexible and ready to change the view to be convinced. Focus on demand, purpose and discover the difference between the two sides.

Step 3:

Understand: Try to find out the circumstances of the other by putting yourself in their situation.

Step 4:

Agreement: Find out wise solutions beneficial to both. If there are errors, please be willing to apologize

If all else fails, ask the help of expert because bystander opinion always fair and objective


Most of the conflicts between individuals are so opposite in personality and effective communication.There can occur when people do not like each other, when the belief does not exist. They can also conflict when vying a position or interest. Anger is the heart of each individual conflict. There are many notions of conflict.The version that conflict is bad, negative, creating stress, distrust, suspicion, reduced performance, reduced commitment and cohesion, increase resistance to change, so should be avoided.The second conflict is also negative; however, the notion that the inevitable third school that conflict is natural and comes from the interaction between individuals or between individuals withelements within the organization.Therefore, in itself, is neither good nor bad, but the potential positive or negative consequences depending on where it arises, awareness.


Future studies relevant and useful includes Group think or Group Decision Making.Because to understand the nature of the group, or of each member will be easy to make the final decision and avoid unnecessary conflicts occur.Solidarity in the group is very important.If a team has more talent, but every individual fighting with each other, the result will not work as expected with the break plans.But if a group agrees, to comply with the principles set out and mutual respect with the slogan “We are one” will achieve certain success.Besides also strengthen human love, the colleagues, friends.


In group activities can not avoid conflict.Some Confict may have no benefit for the organizational, but also the conflict will change the team become better. Conflict is always present, in the scale, scope and frequency of different organizations.Identify conflicts, their causes, and therefore, conflict management, an effective way requires a lot of knowledge, skills. Although conflict is a normal phenomenon in society, but it is a phenomenon that should be considered research, because it not only helps us to correctly identify conflict, but also the right choice method of solving conflictfor human and social benefit.


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