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The Effect Of Mother Employment On Families Sociology Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Sociology
Wordcount: 2643 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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The article presents a true overview in the case of working mothers. The article discusses how Cultural Restraints have forced Women to get into many hurdles during their lifetime. For instance, most of the mothers have been forced to leave their jobs by their husbands or families when the first child is born. The article highlights that it is not necessary that the women who are on work definitely harm their children and suggests that it is a myth which should not be believed upon. The article specifically highlights the culture of Pakistan and how the children benefit from living in a joint family system in absence of their mother. I would say that the article is very relevant to my research paper but it is generalized. The article cannot be used in my research paper before consulting some other sources to verify the information.

The article was written to highlight the myths prevailing in the Pakistan economy and to rectify them by providing some logical proofs. I used google to find this article and my key words were ‘mother employment’ and ‘mother care’.

Amelia. (2011, February 16). A look at Working Mothers. Retrieved from http://www.genderacrossborders.com: http://www.genderacrossborders.com/2011/02/16/a-look-at-working-mothers/

The article basically focuses on the working moms and their impact on family and children. This again gives very interesting findings about the impact on the children of working mothers. The author mentioned some study conducted to compare two kinds of children, those with working mothers to those with house wives. The article concludes by saying that when mothers go to work it has a very positive impact on their children. The conclusion was based upon the results from recent studies conducted by the author. The article will be of great help to me because the facts are based upon proper studies. Therefore, this article can be used in my research paper without any problem.

I extracted the article from Google and my keywords were ‘working mothers’ and ‘children’.

Annice D. Yarber, P. M. (2010). Focus on Single-Parent Families: Past, Present, and Future. California: GreenWood Publishing.

The book is related to the single parent families and their evolution over the years. The primary function of the author to highlight how the single parent families have been Affected by various factors over the years. The book contains a lot of articles written by various authors over the years on the effects on single children looking at the various scenarios provided. All the possible scenarios such as a single child of a widow, a single child of a father, life of the children of heterosexuals and homosexuals and effect of family structures on children and many more have been discussed and compiled by the author. The book is no doubt very informative and well explained but still fails to address my topic in the proper manner. Therefore, the book cannot be used in my research paper.

The book was issued to explain the real world trends and the key words used for my research include ‘working women families’ and ‘mother care’.

Bernard, J. (2008). Women, Wives, Mothers: Values and Options. Pennsylvania: Aldine Transaction. Copyright.

The books was issued in 2008 and discusses the various roles the women play in the society. The role can be of a mother, a daughter, a wife and even a sister. The book explains the fact that working women have a very prestigious role to play in the society and work helps them develop their own unique identity. A working mother might not be allowed to work by her husband and this can cause serious conflicts in the two. The book also speaks about the children of the working women and how they are effected by the mother’s work routine. The book has a lot of depth and many topics to choose from. The author of the book has given all the necessary descriptions in the different scenarios. The book is very helpful for the research paper as it has all the required variations of the women behavior in different situations.

I found the book using Google under the books section. The keywords for may research included ‘Mother employment’ and ‘Impact’.

Bittman., J. B. (2012, May). Mothers and fathers with young children: Piad Employment, caring and well being. Retrieved from http://www.fahcsia.gov.au: http://www.fahcsia.gov.au/sites/default/files/documents/05_2012/sprp30_0.pdf

The article is basically a research paper of the highest quality. It is a High quality research for the fact that the research conducted by the author has been very descriptive and thorough. The research was basically about the awareness about recent trends in the family patterns that have affected family life either positively or negatively. The results concluded that the employment of mother has impacted the family life negatively and that the awareness about the effects of employment on family patterns has not been there to see the difference. This thorough research used a multivariate regression analysis and many other tests to determine the impact of little awareness about the family patterns on the family life and children. An increase in choice for parents in terms of work arrangements and jobs has impacted the family life as well. the social and economic policies of a particular country also impact the family life of an individual.

This article has a touch of gold and will be extremely helpful for me in my research paper. It covers all the necessary requirements to judge as to whether the employment of mothers impacts the children or not. The article was retrieved from ‘Fahcsia’ and the key words used to find the article were ‘Impact’ and ‘mother employment’.

Cheryl, B. M. (2011). Mothers’ Part-Time Employment:. Journal of Family Psychology, 895-906.

The journal is basically about family psychology and how mother’s part time employment impacts the family life of a person. The journal is basically a research article in which the part time employed mothers are compared to house wives and full time employed mothers. The sample size of 1364 was taken to test the hypothesis. And the results found showed that the part time employed mothers did have some benefits in their family life as they also get quality time to spend upon their children, and full time mothers donot have a lot of leisure time to spend with their children. The part time mother also came out to be a more sensitive and caring as compared to the full time mother. The crux of the article was that part time employed mothers have a better family life than the full time employed mothers.

The article is very useful to know the trend of different types of employment and how they affect the family life of an individual. This article can be very helpful for my research paper and will provide guidance about different kinds of employment adopted by the mothers today.

The article was taken from ‘APA’ web site and the key words used to find this article were ‘mother employment’ and ‘family patterns”.

Cohen, P. N. (2011, March 2). Family Inequality. Retrieved from http://familyinequality.wordpress.com: http://familyinequality.wordpress.com/2011/03/02/getting-the-story-straight-on-working-mothers-and-childrens-risks/

The article basically measures the impact of mother employment and no mother employment on the health of children. The article also addresses the kinds of health issue that occur when mothers are employed and unemployed. The kind of health issues included asthma problems, overnight hospitalization and injury or poisoning. The studies suggested that nothing can be clearly deduced from the given data because the difference between the percentage of variables such as asthma problem was slight for both the scenarios; one in which moms worked and the other one in which moms didn’t work.

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Although the article is very focused and raises a relevant issues, yet it fails to provide clear justifications about the true difference in health issues for mom’s worked and moms didn’t work. Therefore, the article is not very useful for my research paper and I would rather prefer a different article in which the deductions are properly made. the article was written to associate health issues with mother’s employment , but the deductions made were not accurate at all.

I retrieved the article from ‘Family inequality word press’ and the key works used for article search were ‘family patterns” and ‘mother employment’.

Dr. Abdul Sattar Almani, A. A. (2012). Study of the Effects of Working Mothers on the Development of Children in Pakistan. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 164-171.

The article was basically a research paper based upon the study carried out by various Pakistani scholars using a sample size of 3600, using 1600 students, 800 teachers and 1200 mothers. The study was carried to find the association between employed mothers and children. The research was also conducted on different children to differentiate the views of children with employed mothers and the children with unemployed mothers. The study found out that the trend for women employment has increased significantly in Pakistan and that the children with both mothers employed and unemployed had a positive impression about their mothers. The study also found out that the attachment between the employed mothers and the children is decreasing which can have a bad impact on the relationship between the both.

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The article is somewhat useful for the fact that it does address the problem of women employment briefly. The focus was basically on the correlation between employed mothers and children. According to me the research failed to prove any negative relation between mothers and children. The article is written to highlight the increasing trends of women employment in the world, and the impact of employed women on the family life.

The article was retrieved from ‘IJHSSNET’ and the keywords were ‘Impact on children’ and ‘women employment.’

Gassman-Pines, A. (2007). The Relationship Between Maternal Job Characteristics, Maternal Mood, Mother Child Interaction, and child behavior in low income families. New York: ProQuest.

The article basically focuses on various variables related to mother and the sample taken for the research has been the low income families. The research was conducted on association between maternal job characteristics, maternal Mood, mother interaction with child and the behavior of child. The studies suggested that the association between maternal job characteristics and the child behavior were not proved And the research failed to show a negative relation between maternal jobs and children.

The article will not be beneficial in my research paper because it failed to prove an association between maternal jobs and children. the article was written to associate different maternal aspects with low income families. The key words for may research were ‘maternal employment’ and ‘child behavior’.

Hubbard, M. N. (2008). The Effect of Mother’s Employment and Child Care Decisions on the Body Mass Status of Young Children. Job Market Paper.

The article was basically a research paper written to associate mother’s employment with Child care decisions regarding body mass. The research was to associate mothers working full time with different child problems such as obesity. The results showed very uneven results and were not verified. According to my opinion this research was senseless because any human being can have a problem of obesity, and secondly mother’s employment has nothing to do with obesity. The results showed that mothers employment and obesity were negatively associated. Therefore, it was a pointless research indeed.

The article was written to create an association of child obesity with mother’s employment. The article was retrieved from ‘UNC’ website and the keywords used were ‘Mother employment’ and ‘childcare’.

Luscombe, B. (2010, october 18). Working Moms’ Kids Turn Out Fine, 50 Years of Research Says. Retrieved from healthland.time.com: http://healthland.time.com/2010/10/18/working-moms-kids-turn-out-fine-50-years-of-research-says/

The article from a website is about a recent study conducted on working moms and their children. The studies showed that working moms did not have any problems with their children and their family life had no issue. Surprisingly the study found a positive relationship between working moms and their children. Children less than three years of age with working moms were later rated as higher achieving and less prone to anxiety and depression according to the recent research. This is an interesting finding and very helpful to prove a positive association between working moms and their children.

The article will be of great help in my research because it has a lot of interesting facts about the relationship between working moms and children. I personally liked the article and will rate it as one of the best I have read.

The purpose of the article was to inform the people that women employment is not bad for children and is perfectly safe. The article was retrieved from ‘health land’ and the key words used for search were ‘mother employment’ and ‘child behavior’.

Merry, A. (2012, december 2). Working Mothers and the impact on Children. Retrieved from http://www.essayforum.com: http://www.essayforum.com/research-papers-11/working-mothers-impact-children-45071/

The website also offers a research paper published on the relationship between working mothers and their impact on children. The research paper found no serious association between working mothers and their children. And it also found some interesting facts that mothers tend to leave a job within one year when the first child is born, and that worried mothers tend to leave the job as well when their children are in distress. The author said that it is a personal choice for the mothers to work for their families or to stay at home. Therefore, the article suggests that employment of the women makes no difference on the family life and children. The article will be of great help in my research because the research done is very good. The article was retrieved from Google and the key words used were ‘mother employment’ and ‘impact on children’.

Rucker C. Johnson, A. K. (2010). Mothers’ Work and Children’s Lives. New York: UPJOHN INSTITUTE.

This book is very detailed and studies all the aspects of mother employment and its effects on children. the book discusses the mother employment reforms, the women’s employment study, the impact of low income mothers on their children and some policy recommendations. The book does not say that the employment of mothers is a bad thing but it does say that the job enrichment and job rotation strategy should be implemented to make the jobs o working women more motivating.

The book can be of great help in my research paper and I really like the book for its in depth coverage of the main concepts of mother employment.

The book was retrieved Using Google and the keywords used were ‘mother employment’ and ‘child care’.


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