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The Migrants Permanently Leave Their Motherland

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Wordcount: 1153 words Published: 5th Aug 2021

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Nowadays many of the people immigrate to other countries. To some extent, there maybe exist five factors which cause people to leave their motherland and immigrate to other countries. The factors are living conditions, natural disasters, higher education chances, religious persecution, and escape of the punishment of law. These factors motivate them to leave their motherland to immigrate to other countries. Maybe some of them are forced to leave their motherland while others may voluntarily immigrate. Before beginning this thesis, two definitions must be made clearly. One is “migrants” and the other is “Permanently”. Migrant is someone who goes to live in another country or area, especially in order to find a good job (LONGMAN Dictionary of Contemporary English). “Permanently” means lasting or remaining without essential change or on expected to change in status, condition or place (The Free Dictionary).

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The first factor is the living conditions. In many regions of the world today people live in tragic situations of instability and uncertainty. It does not come as a surprise that in such contexts the poor and the destitute make plans to escape, to seek a new land that can offer them bread, dignity and peace ( U.S. Catholic Bishops, Welcoming the Stranger Among Us: Unity in Diversity, Nov. 15, 2000). So if a person lives in a country which is poorer than their target countries or where unemployment rates are higher, he may immigrate to the latter. Take America and Mexico for example, a survey shows that at 4.25 an hour, the U.S. minimum wage is approximately six times the prevailing one in Mexico(why do people immigrate,2005). That is to say, Americans lead a wealthier life than Mexicans. Therefore, undoubtly a great many Mexicans move to America. When they move to America, they will receive a higher wage for the same job than they can get in their own country. At the same time, the developed countries with high-cost employees want to attract people to go to their countries.

The second factor is the natural disasters. On many occasions, the natural disasters can not be predicted, so human beings always suffer a lot from them. Although people can not predict them, they can evade them. People who come across a natural disaster in their own countries will move to other countries. Take Ireland for example, a majority of Irish people had moved to other countries because of their country’s starvation. Because of this disaster, more than one million of its people were died of starvation and more than two million people immigrated to other countries, so today Irish people can be found in many developed countries such as Australia, Canada, America, Great Britain and some other developed countries (The Society and Cultural of Major English-Speaking Countries, 2005). The above example shows that the natural disasters are also a very important reason for the people emigrating from their own countries.

The third factor is that many developing countries’ students want to have an overseas study, so they may move to another country. When they finish their studies, a number of them will choose to settle down at the foreign countries to find a job.

The forth factor is religious persecution. From some aspects this is the main reason which leads a huge number of people immigrating to other countries. In the Middle Ages Antisemitism in Europe was religious. Though not part of Roman Cathelic dogma, many Christians, including members of the clergy, have held the Jewish people collectively responsible for killing Jesus, a practice originated by Melito of Sardis. As stated in the bostom college Guide to Passion Plays, “Over the course of time, Christians began to accept that the Jewish people as a whole were responsible for killing Jesus. According to this interpretation, both the Jews present at Jesus Christ’s death and the Jewish people collectively and for all time, have committed the sin of deicide, or God-killing. For 1900 years of Christian-Jewish history, the charge of deicide has led to hatred, violence against and murder of Jews in Europe and America. (A View’s Guide to Contemporary Passion Plays, 2003). The above example shows that religious persecution is also a factor which leads to the people move to other countries.

The last but not the least, the fifth factor is the escape of law punishment. Many people who violate the law of a country may escape to other countries. This kind of phenomenon is more and more ordinary in today’s world, because there is not a common law validating to every countries. And the law in this country may not have the same validity in other countries. So the people who violate his own country’s law can flee to other countries. Take the millionaire Lai Changxing for example; he is a businessman and entrepreneur from Jinjiang, Fujian, people’ Republic of china and he is also the master of the lucrative Yanhua Group. He violated Chinese law of anticorruption in 1999, and then he fled to Canada. So he can not be punishment by Chinese law. (Accused Chinese Smuggler Gets Canada Work Permit, 2009).


As the world changes all the time, there are maybe other more factors. But from the factors mentioned above which lead the people emigrate from their motherland to other countries can draw a conclusion that people will not immigrate to other countries without reasons. There do exist some reasons which motivate them to emigrate. Some immigrators are voluntary to immigrate to others while some immigrators are not voluntary to immigrate to other countries, and they have no choice. However, when most people get old; they may still want to go back to their own countries. Just as the proverb says, “east, west, home is best.”


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