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The most important factor in development of country

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On this statement my personal opinion is “YES”, education plays the most important in the development of any country. In my opinion education is the backbone of any country or you can say that now it’s the basic need of basic need of the entire world. Now let me define what is EDUCATION, basically education is the process of getting knowledge about anything which is required for the people, the country for which we say that this is the country which is undeveloped has the main factor for its UN development is the uneducated people. Education is the birth right to every citizen of the country so, the government of the country should run the programs by which every citizen of the country become educated & after the government it’s the responsibility of the people to educate their family member. The main thing that government should educate the children who are orphan. Mainly the orphan children are left uneducated so this should be the step to educate those children’s.

Education is not only the factor that affect the development of any country, but it affect the surrounding or the personally him/herself also. Education increases the personality of any person in many ways like education changes the behavior, life style, the way of dressing, sitting & talking also. Education is the most important factor for our freedom or democracy.

In any country it is necessary to invest a big part of the profit by any field in the education field since, in many countries governments prefers to invest in the arms not thinking to divert the resources from the military where war & win is everything. The governments are blind they should understand that there are many basic requirement of country which are necessary to fulfill like food, cloth and shelter. Another reason why should government invest in the education field more is because of increase in child laboring. Children are prepared for laboring, government should give free education to these children so, and that after being educated these children help in the development of country in anyway. The main point is that the students are the most important part of the country which can take the country to the top of the all countries in the world or that’s also the students who can take the country to the down of the whole countries. Development related to any field has the main factor that is the students so my opinion is that the government should invest in the education fields.

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Education enables a person to learn the usage of anything, by the education a person learns to how to use a thing in a proper way which is another important factor in the development of the country. If a person doesn’t know how to bring a thing in use he or she will waste it or destroy it, which results the lack of that thing in the country and then our country have pay for that thing to the another country or more than its actual price, the payment which the country pay to the other country can be used in development of the country if that person know how to use that thing or the person can learn that only by the education. It is another most important factor which affects the development of the country.

When we talk about development of any country we talk about many factors, but we always forgot to mention the equally important factor which is women, “Yes” WOMEN is that factor which affect the development of any country in many ways. Women play such an important role as well as women education plays the important role in the development of any country. Nowadays girls got the freedom to do what they want to do, which is not provided them in the early years they are restricted for that. Now women are reaching to the very high positions, sometimes above the men that’s not all women plays important role not only in the industrial field, but educating the women benefits the country in many other ways also. On the problem of the population which is becoming the dangerous problems “many surveys gives result that the most effective way to control the growth in the population is by educating the girls& women. If government of all the countries pay attention to this point tries to act upon it and educate girls and women by this the governments can help in controlling the growth in the population.

Basic education provides girls and women a great knowledge about their health, nutrition, family planning, as well as their own potential which they have, basic knowledge which is important for them they get by the basic education without this they are not completely familiar with all potential they have. so, it’s important to educate girls and women.

Education is also important in economic development of any country, it can be the primary education it is also somewhere helpful in the business, as a person primary educated is earning more than a person who is uneducated, a person with low income can’t completely contribute in development of any country. Now about the role of education in the farming, here also education plays an important role in the development of country as farming affect the development of any country and education affects farming or we can say that education is again affecting the development indirectly. An educated farmer can grow up a healthy crop then an uneducated farmer, by education a farmer can learn more about the crops, farming, seeds, insecticides and pesticides and many more things which is good for the farming, a healthy crop can be consumed in the country and extra can be exported to the other country which is beneficial for the country.

I’m sure that education is a most important factor. But, medicine, health it’s also an important factor too, if investigations about medicine continue progressing the society will advance. The medicine technology or other technologies are important too. Justice, police investigations, police at the streets, judges, who impart justice with criminals, are important too.

Are our zoos cruel to wild animals? Discuss.

I had visited many zoos when I was a kid. It is a great fun to watch wild animals and experience them in a zoo. I believe that not all the zoos are cruel to wild animals. In fact, a zoo helps to increase the population of some animals. It’s not that I strictly believe that zoo’s are good for wild animals. I partially believe that zoo’s are cruel and good towards the wild animal.

A zoo is a place where wild animals are kept for exhibition. We can learn and watch them closely. It is not possible for us to go to jungle and watch all of them at one time. I believe that zoos are safe place for these wild animals. In a zoo, they are fed well. They are also protected from environment, other animals and other dangers. In addition, some zoos help to increase the population of some animals. For example, the white lion population in India was only 50 in 1998 and now which has increased to 125. Today, there are strict rules for zoos to keep these wild animals well protected. And again, these zoos are great source of information about animals for us and our children. In addition, animal’s gets food at a regular time in a zoo while in jungle; they cannot get food all the time. Moreover, wild animals are kept in shelter to protect from rain, sunlight and winter while it is not possible for them in jungles. A zoo could be cruel to these innocent animals if a zoo is beating them or not giving food. Nevertheless, I have never seen or heard that zoos are not giving enough food. In fact, they are training wild animals to improve their behaviors.

Animals have their own right to live in wildness, not in captivity. A zoo is generally seen as a place to keep animals in cramped enclosures and unnatural living. When you go to the zoo you can see and tell that a lot of animals are stressed out, being deprived of their families and freedom. And, unnatural condition is more like passing death sentence to them. Aquatic animals often have little water and animals that naturally live in large herds are often kept alone. Some animals would die because they can hardly adapt themselves to live in cages, where they cannot have space to roam, hunt or fly in their wanted ways. Even though some people might argue that keeping animals in zoos would be beneficial for their education, but, in fact, they do not learn anything from those living outside their natural habitat. It would be way better to leave them live in their natural condition.

Moreover, when animals are kept against their natural way of living, their lives can be greatly threaten. For example, inappropriate types of feed can lead animals to starve to death or to get illnesses. While, unsuitable kinds of treatment can have negative effects on animals mentally. Zoochosis, for example, usually set in resulting in nervous pacing, head rocking and self-mutilation. In addition, when animals are kept in zoos, they usually do not have their moms to teach them all survival skills required for living in the wild. Many of animals, when released back to their natural habitats, did not even survive, as they all lose their wildness completely. The reason is that they did not even know how to find food and hunt or they did not know how to fight off their predators

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How would you feel like if you were locked up in a cage with thousand of eyes staring at you each day? You would not like it. But that is generally how animal are treated. As far as I am concerned, I partially believe that zoos are unsuitable places for animals to live because of animals being imprisoned in captivity and difficulty of maintaining animals’ health and habits.

On the other hand, some people argue that everyone likes freedom. They believe that these animals should not be behind bars for our entertainment but they should be free to live their lives in freedom. Some people assume that zoos do not give enough food to the animals. However, I believe that in today’s world, zoos are not only for entertainment purpose and zoos are controlled under strict supervision of a government. Moreover, zoos have environment like jungle. For example, many zoos have lakes, trees, and swings.

Putting animals in zoos is animal cruelty. Most of these animals only see a thick glass or a thorny fence that keeps them in. All these animals should not be taken from their homes, for entertainment

The United States is well known for entertaining people. Entertaining people with moves, shows of talents, and music is great; but not entertaining using animals.

Many organizations like PETA, ASPCA, and American Humane Association demand the release of animals in zoos. Animals don’t have control of themselves because they are wild. It is not their fault for their actions, attacking humans. It is like their self-defense and humans get angry for animals’ actions, so they punish animals in a cruel manner.

Organizations like PETA have incredibly helped many mistreated animals. PETA is dedicated to establishing and defending the rights of all animals. PETA operates under the simple principle that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, and used for entertainment. PETA explains and educates people about the mistreatment of animals in the world.

All of these organizations are helpful, especially PETA. This brings me back to zoos. Animals shouldn’t be put into cages for human entertainment. Humans need to find other entertainment such as theme parks, theater, or dramas. In many causes people don’t understand and it when PETA takes action. They would anything they can to take down any marketing or entertainment using animals.

We can say that zoo’s are protecting the wild animals from the hunters who kill them for their profit. By this the number of the animal of that particular spice collapsing. To prevent the animals I personally think that that zoo’s are should be in the country. There are many thoughts that zoos are too small for wild animal, I agree this and for that government should provide them.

In the conclusion I would like to say that all zoos are not cruel to wild animals. I accept that some zoos are cruel towards these cruel animals. But, towards that type of zoo’s government should take strict actions. So, that animals can leave their.


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