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Argumentative Essay about Women's Work

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Sociology
Wordcount: 2924 words Published: 27th Jul 2021

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This research paper will be focusing on “why women should be allowed to work instead of staying at home”.

Back to the olden days, women were confined at home to be a full-time housewife and their spouse were the single bread-winner for the family. It has become a mind frame for the public that women should not be allowed to work as their primary roles were to carry out domestic role and nurture their children. However, women certainly have their hidden potentials which make them capable as the opposite sex. Women should be allowed to work. This can be proven through intensive research and analysis. Based on the research that was conducted, some discoveries were made. Foremost, working women are found to have improvised self-esteem and emotional health due to their multiple roles in everyday lives. Next, job has secured them financially to sustain life. Last of all, women have their rights to step into labour force for personal satisfaction and social necessities. People have to perceive in wider context and accept the fact that women should be allowed to work as women can mould their lives with a sense of empowerment. Discrimination and inequality towards women should be stamped out to preserve their rights for them to unleash their concealed potentials.

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2.0 Introduction

Centuries ago, women were considered naturally feeble compared to men and were not allowed to perform arduous task that requires heavier labour. People in the past had the mindset that women were only restricted to domestic house chores and play their part as obedient housewife and care for their children (Women’s International Centre, n.d). Shiner, (n.d.) asserted that role of women in this 21st century is largely determined and they share equivalent responsibilities with men in improving the nations. Great leader such as Queen Elizabeth I of England and Catherine the Great of Russia in the past has proven women are capable as men (Women In World History, n.d).

Yassin, (2009) stated that women are equally important as men and men need to understand the importance for women to work. Mala, (2008) mentioned that working women helps to sustain the family financially and have become influential and successful as men. However, there are some men who disagree women should be allowed to work, because they think that working women pay less attention to their families (Waldfogel, 1998) or maybe they feel submissive with more successful women or maybe they think is their responsibilities to support the family and not the vice-versa (Davidmann, 2009).

It is stated that “working women in today’s world is miracle” because women have to juggle their duties as multiple roles and their presence in working field is significant (Vishen, 2007). Participation of female students in tertiary education has outnumbered the male students and if every graduated married woman is restricted to stay at home being full-time homemakers, the country will be in short of proficient and non-professional workers (Fine, Swahili and Jarjour, 2009). People who are against working women need to view in deeper context that women nowadays are more needed than men on the outside world because women now are smarter, stronger and more instructive than men (DeVeaux, 2010).

It is undeniable that employed women are indeed self-seeking, tougher and intellectual in working life. However, empowered women are not trying to overpower the opposite sex but to survive through the ever-growing competitive surroundings (Shiner, 2009). Women should be allowed to work instead of staying at home as the job would improve women’s self-esteem and emotional health, secure them financially and women also have their right to work. The scope of this research will center in United States of America due to the fact that this issue is rampant over there.

2.0 Body of Report

2.1 A Job Would Improve Women’s Self-Esteem and Emotional Health

There are parties who oppose the statement that “women should be allowed to work instead of staying at home” because they believe that a job will not improvise women’s self-esteem and emotional health. They claimed that employed women will have added stress and they have difficulties in handling stress which eventually cause impairment of self-esteem (Lancer, 2010). Working women face tremendous stress due to multiple roles, long working hours and high demand for performance. As a result, they are subjected to poor mental concentration and depression which affect their self-esteem (Life Positive, n.d.). Helpguide, (n.d.) also approves this by saying that stress will build up problems regarding mental health and emotional health such as anxiety and sadness. Consequently women’s self-esteem is lowered and they get caught in negative mood condition.

The argument stated above might be reasonable. Nonetheless, this argument is undoubted a frail. According to psychologist Ingrid Waldron and Sociologist Jerry Jacobs, working women who are bonded with works and family responsibilities are benefited emotionally and physically (Rivers, 1993). Emotional health refers to well being of one’s overall psychological state in coping with different situations and difficulties in life (Helpguide, n.d). University of California Berkeley had reported that working women have good emotional state and have successfully managed their roles and responsibilities (Rivers, 1993). Another research finding in University of Michigan has proven that women who involve in working force has reduced levels of psychological distress compared to those who do not participate in working force, further study has shown that non-working women has higher possibility to develop chronic condition such as frustration and disillusionalisation (Rivers, 1993).

Besides, employment improves a woman’s self-esteem. Self-esteem determines the way we communicate and value our thoughts and opinion when confronting others. It underpins our target to achieve something and reflects our integrity (Lancer, 2010). Rout, Cooper and Kerslake, (1997) said that employed women are exposed to multiple role involvement at work place and home. This means that they have more social roles and they are involved in broader social network to encounter different type of people. This indirectly boosts their self-esteem and confidence to talk to others by frequent practice when meeting others (Thomas, n.d.). On the other hand, unemployed women are only tied to singular focus which is at home and this restricts their opportunity in meeting others (Rout, Cooper, and Kerslake, 1997). In addition, challenging jobs in a career have positive impact on employees and this enhances their performances to get promoted than their counterparts (Granrose and Kaplan, 1996).

In conclusion, job certainly will improvise women’s self esteem and emotional health; this is a fact that cannot be denied since research has proven it by concrete and solid evidence and quotations related to this argument.

2.2 Second Argument

Jobs Will Secure Working Women Financially

Some naysayers oppose the statement that “women should be allowed to work instead of staying at home. They refute that although women are employed, this will not ensure a security in family finance. They have asserted that men are the primary breadwinners who work and earn money to sustain the family; women on the other hand should only focus on their domestic role as homemaker (Smith, 2009). Besides, it is argued that if women are allowed to work and become the head of family, this will counter the fundamental concept of life which has been practiced since many centuries ago (Sinar Rohani Magazine, 2003).

However, the argument claimed by the opponent is weak. Women nowadays are against the stereotype that women should be fully financial-dependent on their husband. More women are likely to emerge as breadwinners and believe that if they stay home they will not have enough family income or extra income, making it necessary for their husband to hold two jobs (Granrose C.S. and Kaplan E.E.). Apart from that, Research has also proven that women benefits from working as it absolutely help them financially. Chitracs, (2008) states that women gain access to work to contribute for their family in terms of finance. This is because they too can think and make wise decision to secure family financially to overcome inevitable financial problem in future. Working women help reduce pressure on their husband who is the sole wage earner and their husband clearly approve of their working outside the home (Granrose C.S. and Kaplan E.E.). If women are allowed to work, they can build the family wealth together with their spouse. This in turn can combat financial crisis in times of rise and fall of economic stability. Thus, women should be allowed to work to be financially secured.

The naysayers mentioned that women should rely on their husband as the sole breadwinner. Nevertheless, what about those single mothers? How they get their income? Job is a rescue for single mother who need to stand on their own feet to work for financial income to sustain the basic daily needs for their children and themselves (William J.C. 2010). Some marriages will not last forever and cases of divorce are no longer bizarre these days. Dilemma rises for women who fully depend on her husband. Hence, women should be allowed to work to ensure financial security for fear that their matrimony would end up in separation (Ortyl T. 2010).


The statistic above illustrates the pattern of divorce case in United States from year 1940 to year 1997. From the statistics, it obviously shows that the number of divorce cases increase annually. Since year 1980, the divorce case seems fluctuating and the number of divorce case is predicted will keep rising in this 21st century. If this occurs, more women should be bewaring of financial matters and take an effective approach by participating in work field to avoid dire circumstances aftermath of divorce.

Austen J, (2004) also mentioned that women should be allowed to work due the possibilities of their spouses facing disease or being fired. Besides, married women cannot avoid the fatality of their husband. This is why women are strongly encouraged to be allowed to work is spite of encountering such difficulties (Austen J. 2004).

In short, women should be allowed to work as it will secure them financially. People who are against this viewpoint should accept this fact as it is strongly backed up by statistics and solid evidences.

“But for most women who, like me, came of age in the ’90s, it comes down to dollars and cents, and the calculation is brutal. Because in most of the U.S. it is no longer possible to support a middle-class family on Dad’s income alone. This isn’t a question of having enough cash to buy Game Boys and exotic trips. It is a question of having enough to buy the basics.” (Tyagi A.W., 2004)

(TIME, Why Women Have To Work)

3.0 Third Argument

Women have Their Rights to Work Outside

Notwithstanding the statement of “women should be allowed to work instead of staying at home” is robustly supported by first and second arguments, there are still some disapprove with the statement above. They argued that it is an essential cultural custom for women to stay at home and completely committed to her domestic responsibility as homemaker and parenting (Global Oneness, n.d). It further states women’s role as mother is vital in nurturing their children with exemplary behavior and noble values, otherwise the stability of family institution will face shaky crisis (Croontz, n.d).

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Even so, the claims asserted by the opponents are weak. Not every ambitious woman wants to eschew careers in favour of family and do housecleaning all day long. Women are given the rights to associate in working field and certainly they can opt to work instead of being homemaker (Ramsook, 2006). Flory T.C. (2011) insisted that men and women are equal in their abilities and interest, thus women have the freedom to compete with others in workforce to succeed in life. Pyle, (1944) also states that government has reinforced various policies in employment to foster women’s right and to eradicate gender inequality at work place. Thus, women should be allowed to work since their rights are retained holistically.

O’Rourke M. (2006) mentioned that women who devote their time for childcare instead of working dwindle the quantity of female workers in workforce. This will disempower well-educated women to contribute to workforce and serve as significant role models for younger generations. Furthermore, she reminded us that employed women are not being self-centered instead of being full-time homemaker. This is because they have their right to work for social necessity and not only for personal fulfillment. Lauer, (2006) added that employed women do not push away her obligation to nurture her kids or neglecting her family, in fact they can carry out house chores even without maid. Sweat B. (2006) also asserted that men be supposed to be aware of their spouse’s right to work and participate in childcare and housecleaning to create a happy family.

In sum, all the evidences and facts provided are complementary to the statement “women should be allowed to work instead of staying at home”. Various rights for working women were established to protect their well fare in workforce. Sexual discrimination is no longer a major problem for working women and they should invest themselves in workforce for they have given the choice. This research is well supported by strong arguments so women should be allowed to work instead of being regular homemakers.

“As long as the family and the myth of the family and the myth of maternity and the maternal instinct are not destroyed, no woman should be authorized to stay at home and raise her children. Society should be very different and women should have the choice to work. (Beauvoir S.D. 1975)


Since centuries ago, people have being questioning what the distinctive role of women. In the past, women in the past were inferior to men in various aspects. However that does not halt women from showing the world they are stronger and more capable than they were many years ago. Women had strived hard to discard the biased stereotype of restriction of women to household responsibilities and duties. Outstanding women such as Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Russia the Great are excellent figur of s of women role models. As for this research, it examines and focuses on how people perceive the idea of “women should be allowed to work instead of staying at home”.

In this modern era, people involved in labor force to gain monthly source of income for meeting daily necessities. Women are not exceptional too. In fact in America, the number of working women is escalating annually. They participate in work force for money to sustain family financially. However, women in this present day able to perceive beyond the benefits of working. Labour participation has helped them to feel a sense of achievement and pride apart from boosting their self-esteem and confidence.

The society should discard their old mindset that women should stay at home instead of working. Women are capable of successfully achieving what men can do. Besides, it is a right for women to work and earn money as what men can do. Although they play multiple roles of being mother, wife, daughter, sister and nonetheless being worker, they are still able to manage their domestic duties and parenting. This research focuses on benefits gained by working women instead of being full-time homemaker.

Hence, it is time that the public should grip to the statement that “women should be allowed to work” and support those independent women who want to make own living by working. Provided with strong arguments and evidences, the public should accept the fact that it is preferable for women to work and uncover their hidden potentials than sitting at home parenting and homemaking.

3.0 Recommendations

It is time for the public to accept the fact that women should be allowed to work. Government and non-government organizations should establish interest to uncover the capabilities and potentials of women in work force. It is a wise way to instill value of independence among the women so they can stand on their own feet and bring up themselves and their family towards better standard of living in this rapid growing of modern life.

The employers should put aside their inequality towards women and provide them the rights which encourage them to participate in work force and strive to eradicate the stereotype that they are weaker sex and unable to achieve accomplishment. Women’s discrimination should be exterminated to ensure they achieve their rights in working life.

The readers should probe at this research and keep carry out this research to unlock more evidence and facts why women should be allowed to work instead of being homemaker. This is crucial as publics’ perspective on working women can be enhanced and to urge the younger generation to fight for women’s right and freedom.


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