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A Report On A Coffee Shop Sport Essay

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Wordcount: 1333 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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1.0 Executive summary

The need to introduce a specialty coffee shop in Berkley, CA is supported by the rich and viable coffee market niche in the region. Our coffee shop dubbed “High-life Coffee” (HLC) will primarily be introduced upon research findings based on this research plan. We intend to market HLC as our brand name within this unique U.S. market region due the perceived coffee shops reputability as well as well as rich business environment (Godsmark, 2004). In this regard, our research plan will support our bid to venture into U.S market fully aware of the prevailing market trends and related forces. Meanwhile this research will prove the hypothesis that, U.S coffee market will be viable for our coffee shop.

1.1 Research objectives

Essentially, this research plan is set out to attain the following objectives. First, to fully analyze and evaluate coffee shop viability based on the market trends and customer buying patterns.HLC brand will only thrive if the prevailing marketing trends within California promotes the brand entry strategy and enhance our bid to position our unique offer in the niche. Secondly, to develop and establish viable marketing strategy that will assist us in effectively promoting our product amid competition. Similarly, relevant information collected from the market will help in developing efficient promotional strategy. Finally, findings drawn from the research plan will prove vital in developing our competitive edge strategies, identifying market opportunities or even assisting in risk minimization prior to hitting full-scale product introduction. For instance, through findings the marketing team may settle for a different market niche or even alter our branding strategy.

2.0 Research Methodology

2.1 Study population/Data sources

We seek to involve diverse demographics segment drawn from Berkley, CA that will furnish us with valuable information in relation to our objectives. Our study population will be the primary source for essential data. First, the study team will collect vital data from various research agencies that provide market information and related findings within U.S market, and in particular Berkeley, CA. Research agencies are popular service organizations providing that primarily specializes in various research projects (Loudon & Wrenn, 2002). Such sources will offer varying information on competitors’ strategies, performance levels as well the industry trends. The agencies will also offer us secondary data on future forces that may impact the industry growth.

Primary information can also be obtained from banks that perhaps have transacted with various competitors. Secondly, primary data collected from consumers will play a paramount role in enhancing our understanding on varying preferences and tastes as well. Specialty coffee preferences contribute to diverse consumer patterns among coffee users (Godsmark, 2004).a In addition, through observation on consumer buying patterns, the research team may draw some primary information that will be very crucial during industry analysis. Finally, government departments, international bodies or even trade and business associations hailing from our place of interest will offer vital data on entire industry performance. Similarly, sources such as government department will offer credible data on coffee shops’ future or relevant information on the general industry trends. International bodies such as World Bank departments may be approached to secondary data based on coffee industry analysis.

2.2 Sampling

Selection of various respondents will be based on sampling technique depending on the variable credibility and/ or viability. Credibility is defined in terms of the respondents’ ability to provide the required data as well as the efficiency in deriving such information possibly on accessibility basis. Similarly, the sample will selected on the basis of their ability to provide vital data that relates to our industry and directly may impact our business entry strategy or our ability to compete. In order to derive credible sample, the research team will use stratified random sampling approach to survey key groups such as consumers, government officials operating under various business chambers of interest to coffee industry, or even seeking information from international bodies’ officials. The selected subpopulations will constitute a total of 32 individuals under three subgroups. The subgroups will be based on the above three data sources. The subgroup increases data reliability by enhancing accurate representation among the sample members (Loudon & Wrenn, 2002).

2.30 Data Collection and Research Instruments

Data gathering will be based on cost effectiveness of the instrument used and the availability of required resources. As such, a questionnaire will be a key instrument to gather vital data from our sample population (Refer to Appendices B). Questionnaire will be used to collect data as it will offer us an opportunity to handle various resistances that may arise from our target sample during collection procedures. Will prefer questionnaire over other techniques in data collection since the respondents may require more time to fill-in the details or even complete the questionnaire during their leisure time. In addition, since we will employ standardized questionnaires in gathering information, the findings will be more objective as opposed to interview approach. Essentially, questionnaires will be distributed during our third week as per the research plan (Refer to the Appendices A).

2.31 Qualitative Measures

During the 4th week, we intend to qualitatively present the data collected for statistical analysis purposes. Under this approach, descriptive statistical measures will be used in summarizing as well as analyzing key findings that relates to our field. Varying patterns may be evidenced from the results drawn from the questionnaire depending on the subgroup concerned. For example, consumers may exhibit a certain pattern in offering information that may relate to their interest in specialty coffee. In analysis of such pattern other sources may come in-handy to support the perceived trend in data presented.

2.32 Data Presentation

Simple graphical procedures will be adopted during presentation, and any disparities that exist among the variables concerned may be detected as well. Graphical procedures will be crucial in establishing the key relationship among various variables such consumer patterns, and market trends. Our data presentation will be done on 5th Week as per the schedule of activities (Refer to Appendices A).

2.4 Contact Methods

Establishing an effective contact methods assist in enhancing data collection procedures well as necessary consultation procedures. For example, we will use emails when relaying vital information to respondents who may prefer to essentially complete the questionnaires during their free session. Email is an efficient tool to use in an attempt to instantly derive response from the subpopulations. In addition, this method is easier and costs effective in terms of resources and time expended while communicating the message. Phone calls will be placed to contact international bodies or government department when gathering information. Instants responses associated with calls will undoubtedly offer an opportunity to evaluate the actual progress when collecting data from diverse sources. Finally, personal contacts will primarily be used when delivering the questionnaires to designated locations. In this case, the individual dishing out the documents will be able to attend to any difficulties experienced by the respondents when filling-in the questionnaire’s details.


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