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How to write a Marketing Essay

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Published: 13th May 2020

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Any student should understand the importance of embarking upon the completion of a well-written marketing essay. Marketing can be key to market advantage and product adoption success. Key marketing attributes should be researched as a way for deploying a marketing strategy. Part of writing such an essay would be deciding which aspects of marketing are important for the analyst, the company and that of the product characteristics. Alongside investigating the marketing problem and subsequent research questions with viable sources, it is also important to know how to write such an essay. The research can get lost in a paper that is not articulate or fails to communicate the right ideas.

What many fail to realise about essays is that there is more to writing than a beginning, middle and end. It is about expressing your thoughts precisely and with the intellect needed in order to engage the audience. For a marketing essay to be successful one must take the correct steps. Having such ideas can sometimes be difficult to discern. For marketing, it is a good idea to begin with a logical framework built from past experts. The marketing consultant will want to study his or her company and products closely to understand each market position. From there, it is safe to say one could apply the theories of Michael Porter and Philip Kotler to gain a perspective on market tactics and advantage. How do the Five Forces define the marketplace and how can, in the essay, can one express product acceptance?

From this research, you will be able to put together a collective works cited list, but a word to the wise, more is not always best. When people embark upon writing an essay some think the more sources you have the better. Really it comes down to the quality and potential the source has for meeting the needs of the research. I also look at how recent the information is and where it was published. Obviously source material from Harvard, Yale or Georgetown will have more validity than material from People or US Weekly. Not to say that one cannot use newspapers or magazines, a good variety is also key but limit the amount of fluff and web site sources. For a marketing essay of this nature ten sources will suffice.

Once the marketing thesis is written, the next logical step is to not only brainstorm but to write down an outline with notes for each section as a logical means of proving the thesis. Obviously an outline for marketing would first have information on expert framework, and then how these are applied in real world business situations. From there, presenting specific and concrete case study examples is a good idea to follow up the thesis, a way of arguing the main idea for the consultant’s study. One can use real multi-national corporate examples like Wal-Mart or Ford and even look at local family owned firms for a case study of marketing strategy.

All of this really offers a good jumping point to understanding how this topic is important for business leaders but also how presenting such information can be useful to the full audience and this is how I would start the essay. We all know the introduction is important. How many times have we all grappled with how to start the introduction because it must not only summarise what the paper is about but also grip the reader and create an interest in what the paper is setting out to accomplish. I think by approaching this research as something that is important to other citizens and communicating the importance of marketing as a form of knowledge for the people will allow me the proper start. Still I will have to be logical and formulate a step-by-step means of approaching my argument. This will allow the body of the paper to just come naturally. Really if the introduction does its job effectively, it acts as a roadmap for the paper. The body of the paper will be the longest and most crucial part of the task. One must stick to the outline and cover the information. It will be important for me to allow the body of the paper to reflect my findings as specifically as possible.

The conclusion is important because it is supposed to wrap everything up but also ask questions that may still remain. What have we learned from the research? What can we expect from the future? Sometimes people also include recommendations or reflections before the conclusion as a way of winding down the paper. This works as a transition but also allows one to formulate concluding thoughts.

A lot of the time, people write an essay and think that’s it, they are finished when really the real work is just beginning. This stage of revision is important because it allows one to think about other options and maybe return to exploring an offshoot of the topic. It can also lead to a new paper and new ideas but also acts as a way to get the juices flowing. It is important to leave adequate time for this step because sometimes one may need a day away from the paper to allow for reflection. This may allow you to think about something you may have missed or continue exploring a path that needs further elaboration with regard to marketing. This by no means should be confused with editing. Editing is entirely different. Editing the paper is when one basically questions language usage, if the paper makes sense or does a sentence need to go, or a word need to be changed? When editing, as a rule, one should always read everything out loud because this allows one to catch mistakes. At this step, it may also be a good idea to have a friend or someone you trust, read it over and also make corrections. This too will start a dialogue but also allow some feedback on the essay so that revision can continue to the final draft.

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