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A selection of essays discussing the positive and negative effects of video games on young people. Over the years, issues around console and mobile gaming have caused a range psychological problems in young people, these essays discuss the matter and present possible solutions and workarounds.

Video Games


Impact of Video Games on Society
3rd Sep 2021
Introduction: The first aim of this investigation is to document the different types of video games and how they operate through electronic devices, and therefore examining the associations between video game exposure and the different attitudes and behaviors displayed by gamers....

Sample Undergraduate 1st Psychology Report
12th Aug 2021
Introduction: An Undergraduate 1st Psychology Report titled: 'How has 'gaming' become constructed as a contemporary mental health issue and addiction'...

Negative Effects of Video Games on Teenagers
12th Aug 2021
Introduction: Addiction to video games hinders the physical health of a teenager. Excessive sitting while playing games with minimal movement may possess physical health problems such as obesity, back pains, insomnia, and drowsiness. ...

Do Violent Video Games Cause Behaviour Problems?
12th Aug 2021
Introduction: Spending too much time on playing violent video games can provoke teens to act in a violent manner. Killing a large number of enemies in a video game can teach teens to act in an aggressive manner when faced with the real world. Ruthless killings in the video games tend to train the sub-consciousness of the teens to become violent. ...

Positive Effects of Video Games on Children
12th Aug 2021
Introduction: The primary purpose of this essay is to describe and discuss the positive influence of video games on children. This study also considers the question of how influence video games children and what the positive effects of videos games on children....

Are Violent Video Games Ruining our Young Generation?
9th Aug 2021
Introduction: With the help of millennials, the average percent concerning this popular past time has increased more in the last ten years. Which has given researchers more help studying whether all video games are bad for our young generation or just the violent video games...

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