Sample social work Essay Questions

Below is a list of sample essay questions in the subject of Social Work

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  • Critically appraise 2 peer reviewed research papers
  • Critically assess the effectiveness of your intervention in a piece of work with a service user or service users.
  • Describe the decision making systems which promote effective inter-agency working where there are concerns that a child may be in need or at risk of significant harm. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of current processes, giving attention to how children can be enabled to participate in decisions that affect them.
  • Discuss a main theorist - critique using others.
  • Discuss the Psychological and sociological theory which would be relevant to social work practice with the following service user.
  • Elder Abuse: Factors Involved in the assessment of Elder Abuse, with focus on Social Work role.
  • Explore the critical issues relating to current social work practice in safeguarding children
  • Focusing on The Family, critically debate how changes in social policy, welfare ideologies and societal attitudes have impacted on the evolution of social work as a profession.
  • Provide a critical analysis of theory in relation to the topic below and discuss how this could be relevant to Social Work.
  • Review the International and European policies relevant to an area of social work practice and compare the influence of these policies on national social work policy and practice in two European countries.
  • The Main concepts Associated with Harm Reduction strategies.
  • The Role of the Social Worker in Palliative Care
  • Write a record of this intervention as though you were recording for social services files.
  • A brief rational for the topic chosen including relevance to learning on placement. This should include reference to relevant units of the National Occupational Standards for Social Work.
  • Analysing the construction of your own identity in relation to your chosen difference.
  • 4th Year Social Work Assignment Theory - Motivational Interviewing.
  • A Critically Analysed Briefing Paper Of Gay and Lesbian Adoption.
  • A social constructionist perspective offers the social workers one means, amongst others, of understanding human behaviour.
  • An analysis of the wishes, feelings, and needs of the service user and carers in accordance with the NHSCCA 1990 Section 47, and the Carers and Disabled Children's Act 2000.
  • Anti oppressive practice in social work requires an awareness of and familiarity with human rights and cultural issues.
  • Choose one critical theory used in social work interventions and evaluate its usefulness for social work practice.
  • Compare and contrast literature in the clients chosen topic area The Impact of Cannabis use upon Mental Health in Social Work.
  • Critically assess the professional practice and examine professional roles in relation to Dual Diagnosis or case study?
  • Critically evaluate how a social worker might support an adult service user through this.
  • Critically reflect on whether, why, and how child and family social workers should engage with fathers in their practice, regardless of whether fathers are present in or absence from a household.
  • Current policy area relevant to social work practice and give a rationale for proposing change.
  • Does globalization inevitably lead to a 'race to the bottom' (Alber and Standing, 2000)? Illustrate your answer by drawing on evidence from the UK and other countries.
  • Implications for Social Work Policy and Practice.
  • Organisational Culture is a substitute for Organisational Design in the social care organisation.
  • Social work in the UK has evolved over many years and now occupies a place within state provision of welfare.
  • The typical role and responsibilities of people in this profession (social worker).
  • Trace and examine the emergence of social work in Britain and focus particularly on developments since 1870.
  • What are the objectives and limitations of psycho dynamic therapy.

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